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5 Classic Cars Built by Chevy

There are so many classic cars that we love at Farm Boy Garage ! Many times you can find a junker that looks like there is no life in it until you see through the rust and realize that car could be the car you have been dreaming about since you were little. In this week’s blog, we will highlight 5 classic cars built by Chevy. 1968 Chevy Nova The 1968 Chevy completely redesigned the Chevy Nova. You will notice an extensive difference in the body style that had a longer wheelbase than the earlier models. This model had the same front clip as the Camaro, which meant the big-block engine would now fit in the Nova. When the 68 model was announced, it had 15 powertrain choices available. A few of the big choices were power brakes, power steering, air conditioning, shoulder belts in the rear seating, and head restraints. This model had great performance and costs a lot less than the Chevy Camaro. 1969 Chevy ZL-1 Camaro The ZL-1 Camaro was the rarest and most powerful Camaro in

Reviews You Can Count On

Reviews are a great way to hear how your customers feel about your business and your services.   At Farm Boy Garage , we love to hear from our customers and see photos of them enjoying the car or truck that means so much to them.   Occasionally we will even get a review about who we are as people and not just our business.   In this week’s blog, we will highlight some of our favorite reviews.   REVIEWS “I have been to the shop numerous times. I have seen the work of these professionals. You will not find a better shop to have lovingly and professionally restored. All the finest details included.” P Wilson “I was golfing out in Norwalk right before a big storm was about to hit, thought I had some time to be able to walk back to the clubhouse and get to my car before the rain got here. Turned out I was very wrong and as I started to head back I knew I was about to get soaked any minute and still had probably 3 miles to go before I got to my car.. Ran into Bryan on

Haunted Houses You Don't Want to Miss in Des Moines

It’s October already and that can only mean one thing, the Haunted Houses are open for business. Aren’t you ready to scream at the top of your lungs in fear there is something around the corner about to jump out and get you? There are several haunted houses in the Des Moines area that you won’t want to miss. In this week’s blog, we will showcase two haunted attractions that will definitely want to check out before Halloween.  The Slaughterhouse Haunted House The reviews from The Slaughterhouse are amazing. The Bigg’s family opens its rendering facility for tours every Halloween season, the rest of the year, they process meat. The history behind the haunted house is very interesting there is even a book about it. There is a ride inside the house called the Loading Bay, where you will be seated on a manually operated cart that wheels you into the furnace area, where the fire is hot and ready.  Location: 97 Indiana Ave. Des Moines, IA  Schedule: Last night open this

Finding the Muscle Car Treasures

Farm Boy Garage loves working with customers to find treasures.  These are documented factory original or documented 50/70 year old rods. If you are looking for a muscle car to have restored , Farm Boy Garage is the place to go.  Below is a list of some of the rare treasures we have come upon that Farm Boy Garage will restore to their modified glory. Factory Original or Documented 50-70 yr. Old Rods ●       1967 SS Chevelle with 4 speed disc brakes ●       1 965 Cutlass Special Order with Protecto plate Ultra High Performance 3 l5 horse A/C ●       1966 Mercury Cyclone 390 4 speed ●       1969 442 with w30 4 speed package ●       1969 442 plum no drivetrain ●       1961 Impala rusty with 1961 Tri Power 348 280 horse stick motor ●       1949-1951 Mercury We have 10 9 2 door sedans; 1 convertible ●       1948 Diamond T one ton all original no title duals van body ●       1959 Edsel Convertible Corsair Black 3 speed manual ●       1969 Cutlass f

Must Attend Car Shows this Weekend

Are you looking for family fun activities this weekend?   Well, take it from the pros at Farm Boy Garage , car shows are a great family tradition to start.   The first weekend in October won’t disappoint with several shows across the state of Iowa.   Learn about the many car shows to attend, in this week’s blog.   Relay for Life Warren County Car Show Saturday, October 5 from 2 pm – 5 pm there is a fundraiser event at the Indianola Middle school in Indianola, IA.   There is a $10 entry fee for the show.   There will be prizes for the top 5 in classes. The proceeds from the show go to the American Cancer Society.   There will be a survivor lap at 4:30 along with live music, concession stand, silent auction, pie auction, and lighting of the luminaries, with a ceremony to remember and honor cancer warriors.   Classes: Best in Show Best Classic Best Import Best Domestic People’s Choice Q.C. Gearheads Buffalo Pumpkin Patch Car Show Sunday, October 6 from 11 am – 2 pm