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Sneak Peek Under the Hood: Meet Cuda!

At Farm Boy Garage , Bryan's employee selection is unlike any other. Not only does his employees need to be experts in what they do, but they also need to have great personalities, excellent customer service skills, and be an overall good person. It's not just the people that Bryan requires these characteristics from, though. These characteristics are especially important for our shop dog, Cuda! This week, we're introducing to you our beloved Cuda, and sharing with you a little history of the pit bull breed. Meet Our Shop Dog, Cuda! Cuda is a 3-year-old silver pit bull. Bryan rescued Cuda from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in 2017. Cuda’s duties around the shop include sleeping on her comfy leather chair in the office and she is Farm Boy Garage’s Foreman. She acts as Bryan’s eyes when he is not around to ensure everyone is working, safe and happy. When Cuda is not at the shop you might find her in the pond behind the shop playing with the frogs. Cuda loves to be

The Greatest Corvettes Ever Built!

At Farm Boy Garage , we love all things GM, especially Corvettes! So when we heard about the 2019 Corvette ZR1, you know that got our hearts racing! It also got us thinking back on previous Corvettes that have stood the test of time and made a huge impact in the world of muscle cars. So, this week, we're rolling out our list of some of the greatest Corvettes ever built! Check it out: 1967 Corvette Sting Ray L88 Winner of the 1967 NHRA A/Sports Nationals at Indianapolis, the 1967 Corvette Sting Ray L88 represented the final evolution of the original vision of the Corvette: small and luxurious, but lethal on the tracks. The drivetrain is where this car really starts to become its own hero versus the smaller-engined versions that are far more common. One of only 20 road-going versions produced, this 427-cubic-inch, big block V8 was quoted at the time as producing 430 horsepower. Through the M22 "rock crusher" transmission, many unofficial tallies put the horsepower c

Taking Care of Your Muscle Car or Classic Truck

Owning a muscle car or classic truck is a joy all in itself. Like any other collectible, it’s essential that you take extra care to preserve its beauty and functionality, especially after having it restored! At  Farm Boy Garage , we want to share some tips with you on  maintaining your classic ride  properly to help you keep your ride looking its best after having it fully restored by yours truly. Take a look: Keep it Covered When you're not driving it, you should always have your classic ride covered or parked in a garage. Rain, wind, and sun can be a classic car's worst enemy when left exposed. Prolonged exposure to water promotes the development of rust. Wind can blow objects into your car, resulting in scratches and dents. Direct sunlight can cause excessive heat, which can warp panels, fade interior, and cause leathers to dry and crack. Covering your vehicle or parking it in a garage will shield and protect it from the elements. Being proactive about protecting your

We'll See You at the Iowa State Fair!

It's that time of year again! The Iowa State Fair is just over a week away. This August 9-19, be sure to check out Iowa's greatest celebration that brings in over 1 million attendees over the course of the event. Farm Boy Garage is sharing with you some information of what you can expect at this year's state fair. Check it out! About the Iowa State Fair The internationally acclaimed Iowa State Fair is the single largest event in the state of Iowa and one of the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial expositions in the country. Annually attracting more than a million people from all over the world, the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines is Iowa’s greatest celebration, a salute to the state’s best in agriculture, industry, entertainment and achievement. It is the true heartbeat of the Midwest, unequaled and unduplicated. Grandstand Entertainment Check out some of the hottest names in music at the Iowa State Fair. Take a look at the US Cellular Grandstand Concert