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5 Events to Host at Farm Boy Garage

Hold your next event at Farm Boy Garage . We have 6 acres of land and 8000 square feet of space to rent out for your next social event/party. Whether you are hosting an employee appreciation event, wedding, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, or any other type of gathering, Farm Boy Garage will help in the coordination and planning of the entire event! 1. Employee Appreciation Party There are many benefits to having a company employee appreciation party. It builds culture and is great for team building. Not to mention, employees deserve an opportunity to be recognized and celebrated for their hard work! And in the grand scheme of things, this gives you an opportunity to show you’re a company that values employees’ happiness—and that you’re a genuinely fun place to work. Now, your venue for hosting such an event should be just as fun and unique as you and your employees are, right? That's why our facility is the perfect location to host your next employee appreciation event! 2.

Sneak Peek Under the Hood: Meet Joe Thomason

When you pick Farm Boy Garage to  restore your muscle car , you become a part of our family. Because we will be working so closely together, it's only right you get to know the crew that will be taking care of all your  muscle car restoration  needs. This month you'll get the pleasure of finding out a little about Farm Boy Garage's fabricator/ paint specialist, Joe Thomason! Joe Thomason Fabricator/Paint Specialist Joe Thomason AKA Smokin Joe is a Des Moines, IA native. Smokin Joe has run the gauntlet when it comes to his work history. He spent seventeen years working in Information Technology and the remainder as an electrician, painter, fabricator, and working on engines. Smokin Joe’s affection for muscle cars began at a young age, but it was in 2000 when he purchased a 1993 Mustang Convertible and restored her to a luxurious, fast and loud running machine that he realized just how much passion/satisfaction he has for the restored muscle car. Smokin J

Vehicle Restoration FAQs

If you've got a classic truck or muscle car sitting in your garage that's collecting dust, you may have considered getting it restored back to its original glory. But when you go online to do some research it can be difficult to find reliable helpful information to learn more about the process. Auto body restoration for classic cars is a very specialized job, and there isn’t a whole lot of information out there to help you make wise decisions about your own. So, to answer some of the most common questions people ask about vehicle restorations , we’ve put together a list of FAQs to get you started in the right direction: Can you tell what condition my vehicle is in just by looking at it? Unfortunately, no. There is really no way of knowing what issues may lurk until you begin to dismantle it. Factors like climate, storage conditions and how the vehicle was treated mostly determine the condition of the vehicle. There are just too many internal parts to know the true condit

Check Out these Muscle Car Treasures!

Farm Boy Garage has the pleasure of working with Roger, a retired military vet and muscle car finder enthusiast. For the past 40 plus years, Roger has been searching for the perfect muscle cars to purchase and have restored. These are documented factory original or documented 50-70 year old rods. If you are looking for a muscle car to have restored, Farm Boy Garage is the place to go.  Below is a list of some of the rare treasures we have come upon that Farm Boy Garage will restore to their modified glory. Rare Muscle Car Treasures All of these are missing some original parts, most of which have been replaced or can be. 1967 SS Chevelle with 4 speed disc brakes 1965 Cutlass Special Order with Protecto plate Ultra High Performance 3 l5 horse A/C 1966 Mercury Cyclone 390 4 speed 1969 442 with w30 4 speed package 1969 442 plum no drivetrain 1961 Impala rusty with 1961 Tri Power 348 280 horse stick motor More rare and desirable collectibles. These are all project cars, f

Check Out the 2017 Pontiac Trans Am 455 Super Duty!

At Farm Boy Garage , we're fanatics for Trans Ams, so when we heard that Trans Am Worldwide was rolling out with their latest creation, the Trans Am Super Duty last year, you know we were stoked to learn more about this bad boy! Where previous Trans Am Worldwide cars were based on the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro and GM’s Zeta chassis, the new Trans Am 455 Super Duty is the first model built around the sixth-gen Camaro and the lighter Alpha chassis. Check out the specs on this beauty! Exterior While the exterior of the Trans Am 455 Super duty is styled after the Trans Am of the 70's, the new model is a complete redesign that features sleek body lines with masculine proportions and traditional retro styling. It features lots of carbon-fiber body panels including the front fascia, shaker hood and scoop, carbon fenders with heat extractor vents, rear fascia, and decklid. Other redesigned exterior bits include custom fascia grilles, a side ground effects package, and uni