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Top 5 American-Made Muscle Cars

The 1960s began the birth of American muscle cars. American automakers began stuffing the biggest engines they could find into the smallest, lightest chassis that would hold them. Performance was the most important consideration put into building these top-dog legendary cars. As Fourth of July draws near, we thought it would be fun to celebrate this spectacular holiday by looking back at some of the most iconic American-made muscle cars ever created. Check out Farm Boy Garage 's list of "Top 5 American-Made Muscle Cars"! 1. Pontiac GTO It wasn’t the fastest, the most powerful or the most outrageous muscle car, but Pontiac’s GTO makes the top of the muscle car pantheon because it was the first: the car that gave birth to the muscle car genre. This high-performance automobile put muscle cars on the map, thus leading it to start the list of our 'Top 5 American Muscle Cars'. The GTO was one of the fastest production cars of 1964. Its only real street competition

4 Tips for Picking the Right Project Car

If you've been considering buying a project car, a quick and hasty purchase without proper research is not advisable. Choosing the right muscle car, vintage automobile or classic pickup truck is an important part of your decision making, but there are other factors to think about, too. Here are 4 tips for picking the right project car . Make Sure the Car You Choose will Retain Value Finding old cars for sale that need restoration won't be a problem. Finding old cars that hold their value or will significantly increase value after restoration is a whole different story. Some vehicles will never hold value worth your money put in no matter how carefully they're restored. Take time to do extensive research to determine which models are more valuable and don't impulsively settle on a particular model just because you're fond of it. A car with appreciation potential might cost more to buy, but it's important to remember that the cost of the car is only a smal

Check Out Our Vehicle Restoration Services!

The guys at Farm Boy Garage have vast experience with restoring and repairing all makes and models of muscle cars and classic trucks. No project is too big or small – if you're in need of a full restoration for your classic ride, Farm Boy Garage will get the job done right! Check out the vehicle restoration services we offer:  Farm Boy Garage Services Tear Down When a client brings their vehicle in for a full restoration that requires tear down, we disassemble and catalog every piece on the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is put back in its original condition and that all panels, trim, molding placements, etc fit properly. The body is pulled off the frame and the frame is restored. We'll do all necessary rust repair and rust prevention to ensure the best quality for your classic. This process limits ongoing maintenance and future restoration situations. Full Custom Interior When restoring your classic beauty, the exterior isn't the only thing that should

Drag Racing: Bigger, Faster, and More Popular than Ever!

For car enthusiasts who have a serious need for speed, you probably know just how it feels to race that quarter mile dash from a standing start. It's an adrenaline rush like no other, especially if you're hitting speeds that top or exceed 100 mph! You know you've got a love for speed, but do you know how or where drag racing started? Farm Boy Garage wants to share with you a little bit of history on this thrilling sport! Check it out: The Emergence of Drag Racing Drag racing was born in the 1930s in the dry lake beds of the California deserts. As engines got better and drivers got braver, speeds began topping 100 mph. But it wasn’t until after World War II that drag racing became something more serious. Although popularity grew steadily, drag racing still remained largely an underground pastime. Races frequently took place on disused military runways with the first organized event at the Goleta Air Base in California dating back to 1949. Drag Racing Becomes More