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Classic Car Restoration – Why You NEED An Expert

Everyone is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and things are so insane right now. You may be stressed or even scared and taking your mind off of it for a little while may even relieve some of that stress. As an experienced classic car restoration shop , we know how enjoyable owning a classic car beauty can be. Restoring a classic car, however, just isn't for everyone. You need the proper skills and equipment in order to restore your muscle car to its former glory. That's where we come in. Farm Boy Garage is here to help you with all of your classic car restoration needs. Give us a call today at 515-528-8904. In the meantime, keep reading this week's blog to learn why you shouldn't attempt to restore your classic car on your own if you're not sure what you're doing. Classic Car Restoration – Why You NEED An Expert Get the BEST to help you handle the rust on your classic car. You should be aware that no rust repair job is a one-and-done solution. Fr

3 Tips on Buying THE Muscle Car

With the very serious coronavirus pandemic going on right now, these are incredibly stressful times. It can be nice to take your mind off of it every once in a while. Our classic car restoration shop is here to do just that. Keep reading this week's blog for a few tips on buying THE muscle car. When you become part of the muscle car community, you're likely signing up for a new hobby that can be so good for you. There's something about restoring a muscle car that just makes you happy. Having an experienced muscle car restoration expert help you out though, can really come in handy. Call Farm Boy Garage today at 515-528-8904. 3 Tips on Buying THE Muscle Car 1. DON'T BE AFRAID TO CALL AN EXPERIENCED CAR RESTORATION SHOP FOR ADVICE. When you're looking into buying a project car, it's smart to have the help of someone who knows about auto restoration. We can help you with your search for a potential purchase.  During our search, we can help you by p

Why Farm Boy Garage?

When you choose to purchase a classic car or truck or a muscle car , you are likely choosing to start a new hobby that you truly care about. To do that, it's important you have a classic car restoration shop you can count on to help you restore your classic beauty to its former glory! That's where we come in! For all your muscle car restoration needs, call Farm Boy Garage today at 515-528-8904. In the meantime, keep reading this week's blog for reasons why you should choose us for your classic car restoration needs. Why Farm Boy Garage? We Have The Best Clients! Take a Look at the Kind Words Some of The Have Left Us: "Great guys who work hard to get your auto into the condition you want it. Super paint jobs and classic design of your automobile." - Lee Booton "Every detail of every car restored is carefully detailed to perfection to ensure it 100% to the year. The cars at the Iowa State Fair this year were spectacular! I sat in several and

Are Burnouts Good or Bad For Your Classic Car?

Congratulations! You've chosen to buy a classic car and have it restored to its former glory. That is fantastic. You aren't alone. There are so many car enthusiasts out there who enjoy this hobby as well. If this is your first classic car, you likely have a lot of questions about restoring. Have no fear, you can count on our classic car restoration shop to help you every step of the way. Call Farm Boy Garage at 515-528-8904 to learn about all custom muscle car and classic car restoration services . These are done in one place by experts you can trust. Our services include: Custom upholstery Tear down Sandblasting Full custom interior Off frame Motor build Mechanical Electrical You can also find more information on our website at and follow our social media channels listed at the end of this blog. In the meantime, keep reading for the answers to a very prominent question regarding classic cars, are burnouts good or bad for them? Are Bur