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How to Best Store Your Car for the Fall Season

We are right in the middle of summer, which means it is the prime time for displaying, showcasing, and driving your classic car! But, what about when the fall season approaches?  It's no shocker that classic cars are typically stored for the fall and winter seasons to help avoid any damages or cosmetic issues from arising, but what is the best method of storing? And what impact can you expect from the cooler weather on your ride?  We are going to be answering that in this blog, so be sure to keep reading to find out how the tips we recommend at Farm Boy Garage for storing your classic car.  How the Fall Season Can Damage Your Car As we move into the fall in the coming months, you may be wondering how the fall weather can damage your classic car, and to be frank- there are quite a few.  One of the main dangers the fall weather can bring are falling leaves. If you aren't storing your car in an enclosed space, it is safe to assume that leaves will make their way onto your vehicle,

Rave Reviews From Our Clients!

At Farm Boy Garage, we don't settle for the bare minimum, but rather we strive to ensure that your experience here is an unforgettable one! Your classic car can't be trusted to just anyone, which is why we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and skill in classic car restoration.  But, don't just take our word on the matter! We have compiled together some of the rave reviews we've gotten from our clients who felt their experience here went above and beyond their expectations!  Read all of the phenomenal reviews Farm Boy Garage has gotten over the years below!  Rave Reviews:  "This place is amazing, and great people. The work they do on the cars here is over the top." -Jeff E. "I have been to the shop numerous times. I have seen the work of these professionals. You will not find a better shop to have lovingly and professionally restored. All the finest details included." -P. W. "I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner, Bryan Kratzer, and

Tips on How to Showcase Your Muscle Car

You have the car of your dreams! Now what? Aside from ensuring it stays in the best condition, you may feel a little unsure of what and how you should go about showcasing your classic car. You've put so much time and effort into the maintenance and the muscle car restoration so why not show it off?  In this blog, we aim to discuss some ideas on how you can showcase your car in the best ways possible, and how you can do so with some of the tips we provide! To find out how you can take your classic car to the next level, read below!  1. Classic Car Shows This one probably goes without saying, but car shows are a fantastic way to show off your new ride, and even win some prizes in the process! Regardless of where you reside in the United States, you should be able to find plenty of great car shows around, and what better way to get your car out and about than showing it off to a bunch of people?  If you are in Des Moines, IO, there are plenty of car shows to choose from, and if you a

What You Shouldn't Do When Owning A Classic Car

You've purchased your classic car, so now what? There are quite a few aspects of owning a classic car that you need to take into consideration, as with most things, you need to know the "do's and dont's" of owning a classic car. We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge regarding classic car restoration , as well as maintenance once you've gotten your ride back home.  In this week's blog we are going to discuss some of the major things you need to avoid once you have secured your classic car.  1. Don't Leave it Out By this, we aren't saying don't take it out or show it off- actually, both of those things are great when owning a classic car; however, what we do mean is don't leave your vehicle to fend off the elements, as we can assure you, it won't end well.  Make sure that once you have your ride, you have an area where you can properly store it, or if you don't have a space, do your best to ensure that your vehicle is cov