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Recreational Camping: How it Became a 'Thing' and Some Must-See Sites to Check Out!

Every year more than 42 million Americans turn to the wilderness seeking escape from the stress of everyday life. They go camping. How did the idea of voluntarily leaving a comfortable home to sleep on hard ground under the stars and cook food over a smoky fire come about? Farm Boy Garage is sharing with you a little bit of history of recreational camping, as well as some awesome places to take your family camping this fall!

The Start of Recreational Camping
Set aside human migration and great armies on the march—activities which have taken place for thousands of years— and here's how modern day camping got its start. In 1861, the Gunnery Camp was founded in Washington, Connecticut, by Frederick Gunn, who owned a boys' school. Taking his wards on a two-week trip, they would hike to a specific wilderness area where they set up camp. Activities included hiking, fishing, and observing nature, and of course, cooking over a smoky fire. In 1874, the YWCA established its first camp in…

Tips to Keep Your LS Motor Tuned to Perfection

When you have your muscle car fully restored by Farm Boy Garage, chances are we'll be putting in a V8 LS engine to provide your ride with tremendous power you can hear the moment you start your car! We take great pride in providing you with a fully restored glorious specimen that you can be proud to drive away from our garage. But after the restoration, it's up to you to maintain that powerful beast. So, this week, we're providing you with some tips to keep your LS motor tuned to perfection!

Check Your Fluids Regularly
With regular oil changes and other fluid changes, your engine should remain in peak condition.  Nothing will destroy a motor quicker that old or low oil levels. It is the life blood of every motor and should be a number one priority to check and change regularly. You should also have its cooling system flushed out at least once a year. And don't forget to change the transmission fluid and differential oil. Newer cars require it at their service intervals,…