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Host Your Holiday Party or Next Upcoming Event at Farm Boy Garage

Hold your next event at Farm Boy Garage . We have 6 acres of land and 8000 square feet of space to rent out for your next social event/party. Whether you are hosting a holiday party, wedding, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, or any other type of gathering, Farm Boy Garage will help in the coordination and planning of the entire event! 1. Holiday Party This year, forego hosting your holiday parties at your home. Instead, opt to host them at an awesome venue like our unique garage! This will save you the hassle of worrying about making your home visitor ready, having to clean up after the party, and figuring out how you're going to have room for everyone. At Farm Boy Garage, there's plenty space for large parties, and we'll even help you with the planning! 2. Birthday Bash Celebrating a birthday is a big deal! We're always looking for new ways to spice up the celebration when it comes to turning another year older. Especially for those milestone birthdays! Got a

Vendors We Love Working With!

At Farm Boy Garage we strive to provide the best customer service, as well as a finished product that exceeds customer expectation. In order to do that, we've learned that we have to have partners that are just as dedicated and good at what they do as we are. That's why we are very selective of the products, tools, and equipment we use in our shop. This week, we want to give a shout out to two very awesome vendors that we work with regularly and are proud to be partners with: Snap-On Tools and Fast Shafts! Snap-On Tools When it comes to tool selection, Snap-On is the best choice for any job - big or small. Anyone who's worked on cars over the years knows that you can rely on their tools to get the job done without worrying about replacing them nearly as often as you would a cheaper, less reliable brand. From toolboxes to wrenches to scan tools, these quality made tools are worth every penny spent. Snap-on serves the ever-changing needs of a wide range of automot

Rare Muscle Car Treasures For Sale

If you are looking for a muscle car to have restored, Farm Boy Garage is the place to go. Besides being able to hunt down just about any car you can think of, we’ve also got some personal connections with people who have rare cars you’d have a tough time finding anywhere! Farm Boy Garage has the pleasure of working with Roger, a retired military vet and muscle car finder enthusiast. For the past 40 plus years, Roger has been searching for the perfect muscle cars to purchase and have restored. These are documented factory original or documented 50-70 year old rods. Below is a list of some of the rare treasures we have come upon that Farm Boy Garage will restore to their modified glory. Rare Muscle Car Treasures All of these are missing some original parts, most of which have been replaced or can be. 1967 SS Chevelle with 4 speed disc brakes 1965 Cutlass Special Order with Protecto plate Ultra High Performance 3 l5 horse A/C 1966 Mercury Cyclone 390 4 speed 1969 442 with w30

7 Things You'll Only Find in Iowa

Everyone has at least some level of pride when it comes to their hometown or home state. It's just part of how we're raised. Whether it's being a die-hard fan for your local sports team or believing there's just simply no better place to call home, we are all guilty of being 'just a bit biased' of our homesteads. At Farm Boy Garage , we're no different. We think Iowa is the best place to call home! Here's 7 things you'll ONLY find in Iowa that makes it so great! 1. Dunning Springs Park This spectacular park is considered to be one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Iowa, so it's definitely something you'll want to see. Featuring a breath-taking 200 foot natural waterfall, this is the perfect place for hiking, picnicking, or just checking out some super gorgeous scenic views. Just a few miles away you can also check out the Deborah Ice Cave that stays cold enough for ice to remain on the walls even in the summer months! 2. The Hula Hoop Tree

Recreational Camping: How it Became a 'Thing' and Some Must-See Sites to Check Out!

Every year more than 42 million Americans turn to the wilderness seeking escape from the stress of everyday life. They go camping. How did the idea of voluntarily leaving a comfortable home to sleep on hard ground under the stars and cook food over a smoky fire come about? Farm Boy Garage is sharing with you a little bit of history of recreational camping, as well as some awesome places to take your family camping this fall! The Start of Recreational Camping Set aside human migration and great armies on the march—activities which have taken place for thousands of years— and here's how modern day camping got its start. In 1861, the Gunnery Camp was founded in Washington, Connecticut, by Frederick Gunn, who owned a boys' school. Taking his wards on a two-week trip, they would hike to a specific wilderness area where they set up camp. Activities included hiking, fishing, and observing nature, and of course, cooking over a smoky fire. In 1874, the YWCA established its firs

Tips to Keep Your LS Motor Tuned to Perfection

When you have your muscle car fully restored by Farm Boy Garage , chances are we'll be putting in a V8 LS engine to provide your ride with tremendous power you can hear the moment you start your car! We take great pride in providing you with a fully restored glorious specimen that you can be proud to drive away from our garage. But after the restoration, it's up to you to maintain that powerful beast. So, this week, we're providing you with some tips to keep your LS motor tuned to perfection! Check Your Fluids Regularly With regular oil changes and other fluid changes, your engine should remain in peak condition.  Nothing will destroy a motor quicker that old or low oil levels. It is the life blood of every motor and should be a number one priority to check and change regularly. You should also have its cooling system flushed out at least once a year. And don't forget to change the transmission fluid and differential oil. Newer cars require it at their service i