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5 Reasons Why DIY Vehicle Restoration is a No-Go

As car people, we know there's just something about the idea of  rebuilding your muscle car  on your own that provides a sense of pride and accomplishment. We get that. We also get that not everyone is properly equipped or restoration savvy enough to accomplish such a big task on their own. There's no shame in that. You want your classic muscle car to look and run its best. To achieve greatness, sometimes it's just best to leave these tasks to the professionals. Check out these 5 reasons why DIY  vehicle restoration  should be a no-go. 1. Lacking Proper Safety Equipment Could be Disastrous Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a fully equipped garage or shop to work out of. It's pretty uncommon that the average Joe has a rotisserie available for their use. While it may seem like a good idea at a moment's thought to use old milk crates, blocks, or even your standard jack stand to lift your muscle car so you can work on it, that's extremely dangerous. No vehicl

What Makes Us Stand Out Above Our Competitors?

The staff we have here at  Farm Boy Garage  truly appreciates what we do for a living. This  classic car restoration shop  was started on the foundation of fulfilling a need: a need for an honest shop that specializes in restoring antique cars. Keep reading this week's blog to see just how we stand out above our competitors! What Makes Farm Boy Garage Stand Out From Our Competitors WE ACTUALLY SPECIALIZE IN CLASSIC CARS, OUR FOCUS IS NOT SPLIT. We specialize in complete muscle car builds inside and out, to order! All cars will be private builds. If needed, the car will be rotisserie restored. All cars are built to the owners’ specifications. WE TAKE CARE OF OUR BUYERS. We provide accommodations to house prospective buyers including a bedroom, bathrooms, laundry facilities, an outdoor patio, and a 2500 sq. ft. bar and lounge area. Farm Boy Garage doesn’t stop there. Can’t find the muscle car of your dreams? We will locate it, bring it here, and restore it to your specifications. WE


When you buy a classic car, you're likely making a serious investment, so you need a serious classic car restoration shop to make the proper updates that knows what they're doing. How do you choose the right classic car restoration shop for your restoration? Do you look at reviews? Do you ask around the local community? Maybe you just do a quick google search for local car restoration shops and hope for the best. Farm Boy Garage should be your only choice!!   JOB COMPLETED TOTALLY IN-HOUSE All custom muscle car restoration services are done in one place by experts you can trust. Farm Boy Garage Services Include: Custom upholstery Tear down Sandblasting Full custom interior Off frame Motor build Mechanical Electrical 5 STAR REVIEWS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Great guys who work hard to get your auto into the condition you want it. Super paint jobs and classic design of your automobile." - Lee Booton "Every detail of every car restored is carefully detailed to perfection to ensure it