Services Provided at Farm Boy Garage

Here at Farm Boy Garage, we have years of experience of repair and restoration of classic and muscle cars. If your ride is not where it should be, talk to an expert at the Midwest’s top restoration shop. Our solution to this problem is to assist our clients in making sure the restoration process is stress-free, fun, and cost-effective. Below you will find the restoration and other services provided at Farm Boy Garage.

Custom Upholstery When the seats of a vehicle are beyond repair or when a customer wants a new interior, we can replace the entire upholstery of the vehicle with new, custom upholstery. If you wish to preserve the vehicle's original upholstery, we can match or improve the original upholstery, making it new again.
Full Custom Interior When restoring your classic beauty, the exterior isn't the only thing that should catch the eye. Your vehicle's interior should be just as breathtaking! That's why we think custom interior shouldn't stop at just replacing…

The History of the Hot Rod

The hot rod is a part of the American car culture. Here at Farm Boy Garage hot rods are part of our everyday life, as well as for most car junkies. But, do you know where hot rods got their start or the reason folks started customizing their vehicles? In this week’s blog, we will talk about the history of the hot rod. You may be surprised by how long hot rodding has been around. Hot rodding is a way of life for many, and here at your one-stop restoration shop we live that lifestyle out and love sharing the history!

The Prohibition During the prohibition era of the 1920s and 30s, the demand for illegal booze was big business. Big city gangsters paid small town moonshine brewers to provide them homemade alcohol. Of course, it didn’t take long for the government to take notice. The government sent out Federal Agents, known as “Revenuers” or “G-Man”. Not only was it hard to make the moonshine without getting caught, but they also had to deliver the product without getting caught. Even aft…

How to Protect Your Car from Summer Elements

Summer officially starts in just a few days. We are always excited to see summer come and we can get out our classic cars and muscle cars for a cruise. Just like spring, fall, and winter, the summer months can also be harsh to our rides. That’s why in this week’s blog, Farm Boy Garage will give you some helpful tips on how to protect your car from the summer elements.

Keep Your Car Covered Especially in the early summer, we can see some strong storms, heavy rain, and tornados. With the storms, we often see trees uprooted, falling limbs, and hail. All these things can be detrimental to our classic cars, trucks and muscle cars. So, while you are out in your car, always pay attention to where you park. If possible, find a parking garage to keep the car under cover. If no covered parking is available, take a car cover along. While a car cover will not protect from falling limbs or hail is will keep the car protected from small debris and hopefully save your paints finish in a mild storm.

Do you Restore Your Classic or Build a Restomod?

This is a debate that will likely never be settled! If you are bringing a classic back to glory, there are essentially two choices. You can have the car restored to its original factory design and specs or you can customize the car to your desires. Before you can make that decision, you must know the difference between the two. Farm Boy Garage will explain the differences between restoration and restomod. With this information, you can decide on what to do with your classic or muscle car.

Restoration Most will understand the concept of restoration. You are simply bringing a classic or muscle car back to its original state, just like when it came off the showroom floor. In a restoration project, you will want to use factory OEM parts as much as possible, keeping it as original as possible. When finished, the car will look original, just like the car has been preserved.
Restomod What is a restomod? This concept is simply a mashup of restoration and modification. Like a restoration, you …

Memorial Day Weekend Around Des Moines

Originally called Decoration Day. Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971. We observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries, attending parades and honoring fallen soldiers. Memorial Day has also become the unofficial start of the summer season. Summer at Farm Boy Garage is always an exciting time of year. There are gatherings, festivals and family get-togethers. Your one-stop restoration shop would like to tell you about events around the Des Moines area that are happening this Memorial Day weekend.

Decoration Day Come experience the American early Memorial Day traditions. There will be a procession to the town cemetery for a Victorian ceremony and speeches honoring the Union’s fallen heroes.

11121 Hickman Road Urbandale, IA 50322
Location: Living History Farms
Dates: May 25, 2019
Phone: (515) 278-5286
Start/End Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Price: $16/Adults, $9.50/kids, Free for members

Historic Baseball  This truly is an event you need to see. Baseball is played with rules from 1875…

Checklist for Buying a Classic Car

So, you made the decision to buy a classic car. You have done your research and you have the year, make and model picked out. Now its time to find your dream car! After hours of searching the internet, you have a short list of cars you want to go look at. In today’s blog, Farm Boy Garage will go over items you want to put on your checklist for buying that classic or muscle car of your dreams. These items will help make this transaction much easier on you.

Clean and Clear Title This might not be something you think of right away, but it needs to be on your mind. You don’t want to fall in love with a car only to find out there are issues with the car's title. You need to make sure the car has been registered with the state and that the title is in the seller’s name. If there is or was ever a lien on the car you need proof of that lien being satisfied before you can register the car in your name. Double check the title and look for any signs of lien.

VIN Number While you have the tit…

Top 5 Classic GM Trucks

At Farm Boy Garage we understand not everyone is a car person. Some people like trucks for the higher ride height and capability. So, today we will cover our top 5 favorite General Motors trucks. These trucks could be driven as you find them or would make great candidates for a complete truck restoration by your one stop shop!
Advance Design Pickup 1947-1954 Chevrolet’s first redesigned truck line after World War 2 – Advanced Design Pickup. These trucks were essentially unchanged over the next few years until 1955. With undeniable good looks, these trucks have a classic style. That grill is unmistaken for any other. These trucks have been restored and customized for many years. Your options here are endless! Chop the top, big blown V8 and fat tires or keep her classy. We like them all here at Farm Boy!

Second Generation C10 1967-1972 Hitting the market in 1960 the second gen offered much more comfort in ride with its drop-ladder center frame and front independent suspension. These tru…