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3 Things That May Delay Your Classic Car Restoration Process

When you buy a classic car for the first time, you may not understand all of the ins and outs of this new world you have entered into. Buying a classic car, in a way, enters you into a new community of amazing people that share your interests in loving antique cars. It's a GREAT world to be in and our classic car restoration shop wants you to have all the helpful information you can have upfront so that you know what to expect. Keep reading this week's blog for 3 things that may delay your classic car restoration process that you should be aware of so that you can avoid this issue in the future. Want to get your recently purchased classic car restored by the best? Call Farm Boy Garage today. We can be reached at 515-528-8904. 3 Things That May Delay Your Classic Car Restoration Process Changing your mind about what you want to be done in the middle of the restoration process. Restoring a classic car fully and correctly is a lot of work. Let's be realistic here,

Factors To Consider If You Want To Start Searching For Your Dream Classic Car

Who LOVES classic cars? Who is making 2020 the year they own their FIRST classic car? If you answered YES to either one of these questions, this is the blog for you! Let's face it, owning a classic car isn't for everyone, some people prefer modern cars only and that's ok. Our classic car restoration shop just wants you to know the JOYS of being a classic car owner. You get to own a piece of history, in a way. Think about it, with each classic car comes a story AND when you choose to own a classic car you are entering into an AWESOME community of great people who share your interests. You can start entering car shows and enjoying all of the fun that comes along with that as well. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves though, so please keep reading this week's blog for a few factors to consider if you want to start searching for your DREAM classic car. Farm Boy Garage is here for ALL your classic car restoration needs. Factors To Consider If You Want To Sta

Looking for a Custom Muscle Car Restoration Shop? Check Out Our Services!

The guys at Farm Boy Garage have years of experience with restoring and repairing all makes and models of muscle cars and classic trucks. No project is too big or small – if you're looking for a full custom muscle car restoration shop, count on Farm Boy Garage to get the job done right! Check out the  vehicle restoration services  we offer: Farm Boy Garage Services Tear Down When a client brings their vehicle in for a full restoration that requires tear down, we disassemble and catalog every piece on the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is put back in its original condition and that all panels, trim, molding placements, etc fit properly. The body is pulled off the frame and the frame is restored. We'll do all necessary rust repair and rust prevention to ensure the best quality for your classic. This process limits ongoing maintenance and future restoration situations. Full Custom Interior When restoring your classic beauty, the exterior isn't the only t

Car Shows to Check Out Throughout Iowa This July

There's nothing better than getting to admire several IMPRESSIVE classic cars at a fantastic car show on a nice day! If you are a classic car enthusiast who has been missing the car show experience, this is the blog for you. Our classic car restoration shop is here to give you some NEED-TO-KNOW information on a few car shows to check out this month, in Iowa, in this week's blog. We recommend calling the phone number listed for the event before attending, just to make sure everything is on track, just in case the event host had to cancel at the last minute due to COVID-19 or due to some other unforeseen reason. Remember,  Farm Boy Garage is here for ALL your classic car restoration needs. Bring in a junker and leave with a classic! Visit to learn how we can help make your muscle car dreams come true. Source: Event Name: Annual Chief Wapello Days Car Show Event Date: Sat. July, 11th (Registration from 8-11

Stand Out with Custom Interior Work by Farm Boy Garage!

Imagine pulling up to that car show you've been looking forward to all year long in anticipation of showing off your pride and joy, and immediately catching the eye of every passerby that glances your way. Now imagine causing even more envy throughout the crowd when they see your classic muscle car with a luxurious one-of-a-kind leather interior that matches the exterior in class and style. If you’ve found the classic car of your dreams, but it really needs an interior overhaul to go with a complete custom exterior restoration , let Farm Boy Garage add  luxury, comfort and style to your vehicle at an affordable price. We Specialize in Custom Car Interiors Farm Boy Garage specializes in  custom car interiors in the Des Moines, IA area . We are able to handle all your custom car upholstery needs. We take pride in every interior job we do! Want to add those special touches to your custom car interior? We can make your car stand out from the crowd by using multiple leather col