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FAQs About Buying Classic Cars & Trucks

Who is thinking about buying a classic car or truck this year? We obviously recommend doing so if you have the opportunity! It is QUITE the experience. Not only is driving a classic around town an amazing feeling but watching the progress your classic car restoration shop makes when restoring your muscle car to its former can be awesome too! With that being said, keep reading this week's blog for our answers to a few of the frequently asked questions about buying a classic car or truck.

FAQs About Buying Classic Cars & TrucksQ: What Should I Expect From Buying a Classic Car?A: Before buying your next classic car, it's really important to think about what your goals are and what you plan to do with it once you get it. What do you want from this automobile when the project is finished. Do you plan to make it your play car or will you be reselling it? Restoring a car for investment purposes will play a big role in deciding your purchase. How often do you plan to drive it and w…

Popular Classic Cars of 2020

Who's looking for their dream classic car right now? It can be a challenging task when trying to tackle this on your own, right? If you are on the hunt for that DREAM classic car right now, you're in luck. Our classic car restoration shop specializes in finding AND restoring classic cars for people all over the country. To learn more about what we do and what we are all about, check us out at In the meantime, keep reading this week's blog for a few examples of popular classic cars to purchase in 2020. Need your classic car restored? Call Farm Boy Garage today. We can be reached at 515-528-8904. Bring in a Junker and Leave with a Classic!

Popular Classic Cars of 2020Here are a few of the 2020 favorites that we have found people are purchasing due to the low prices this year:1968 Ford Mustang1970 Chevrolet Chevelle1962 Ford Thunderbird1978 Lincoln Continental1981 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe1975 Cadilac Eldorado1964 Pontiac Grand Prix1962 Ford ThunderbirdSr…

Car Shows in IA To Attend By The End of The Year

Here at Farm Boy Garage, we encourage you to get an informed idea of what sort of classic car you REALLY want. One of the best ways to do that is to attend a car show. Our classic car restoration shop is here to give you some information on a few car shows in IA to attend by the end of the year, in this week's blog. Remember, you can rely on our classic car restoration shop for all your repair needs! Bring in a junker and leave with a classic. To learn more about us as a company and how we can restore your classic car or truck to it's former glory, visit our website at
Car Shows in IA To Attend By The End of The YearSource: Name: Davenport Dirt DragsEvent Date: October 9-10, 2020Event Time: See website below.Event Location: Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport, IAEvent Details: See website below.
Event Name: Iron InvasionEvent Date: October 9-11, 2020Event Time: See website below.Event Location: Miss…

Insurance Tips for When You Buy A Classic Car

Insuring a classic car can be a very DIFFERENT process from insuring a modern car. It all depends on the type of classic car or classic truck you're interested in and your plans for the vehicle. Our classic car restoration shop is here to give you a few tips on insuring your classic car in this week's blog. If you are having trouble finding the classic car or truck of YOUR DREAMS, please call Farm Boy Garage today. We will locate it, bring it here, and restore it to your specifications. Call us at 515-528-8904. Remember, here you bring in a JUNKER and leave with a CLASSIC.

Insurance Tips for When You Buy A Classic Car
Make it a point to PROVE the value of your classic car to your insurance company.Doing this can help make the process of insuring your classic car easier on both you and your insurance company.Do some research on the insurance company you have in mind to insure your classic car.Make sure that they are friendly and supply good customer service. You'll want to kn…