FAQs About Buying Classic Cars & Trucks

Who is thinking about buying a classic car or truck this year? We obviously recommend doing so if you have the opportunity! It is QUITE the experience. Not only is driving a classic around town an amazing feeling but watching the progress your classic car restoration shop makes when restoring your muscle car to its former can be awesome too! With that being said, keep reading this week's blog for our answers to a few of the frequently asked questions about buying a classic car or truck.

FAQs About Buying Classic Cars & Trucks

Q: What Should I Expect From Buying a Classic Car?

A: Before buying your next classic car, it's really important to think about what your goals are and what you plan to do with it once you get it. What do you want from this automobile when the project is finished. Do you plan to make it your play car or will you be reselling it? Restoring a car for investment purposes will play a big role in deciding your purchase. How often do you plan to drive it and will you be proudly showing it off at car shows? By asking yourself these questions, you'll more easily be able to determine what's truly important to you when it comes to restoration needs. These questions can also help you to decide on what car to get!

Q: What sort of time commitment would I be looking at if I buy a classic car?

A: Depending on the work your classic car needs, you could be looking at your classic car being in the shop for a while. Again, when you call an EXPERIENCED classic car shop for an initial estimate, ask about the time they think it will take to complete.

Q: What sort of repair costs should I expect if I buy a classic car?

A: Depending on the type of classic car you want to buy, some require MUCH more work than others. This means you need to be prepared for the costs that will go into fixing this baby up! One of the best ways to go about this process is to call an EXPERIENCED classic car shop, let them know what classic car you're looking at buying, explain the condition that it's in, and ask if there's any way you can get them to take a look and give you an estimate. When you choose Farm Boy Garage for your classic car restoration needs, we want you to be happy with the ENTIRE process from beginning to end.

Q: What are the insurance costs like when you buy a classic car?

A: Typically, classic cars will require a special type of auto insurance policy, even if you don't plan to drive it much. Be prepared to pay for another car insurance policy on top of the ones you're likely already paying for, for the everyday vehicle that you drive on a normal basis. You likely aren't buying this classic car to drive every day, just be prepared to still pay for insurance on it. Call your insurance company and get a quote ahead of time.

Who's Ready To Buy a Classic Car or Truck?

We make the process REALLY easy for you. We provide accommodations to house prospective buyers including a bedroom, bathrooms, laundry facilities, an outdoor patio, and a 2500 sq. ft. bar and lounge area. Farm Boy Garage doesn’t stop there. Can’t find the muscle car of your dreams? We will locate it, bring it here, and restore it to your specifications. Have any questions? Give us a call today!

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