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See Why We Prefer the Chevy LS Motor!

Despite the automotive industry’s tendency to go green, the passion towards the V8 is stronger than ever, especially for classic and muscle car enthusiasts. When looking for high performance and reliability in an engine for a  muscle car restoration project , it's a no brainer that many gearheads lean towards a Chevy LS Motor. This type of motor is preferred for its fairly compact layout, tremendous performance, and the noise it produces. Power and Performance Of all the V8s that were designed over the years, some of the most important designs come in the form of the GM LS Generation III and IV small-block V8 engines. General Motors introduced the LS series in the then-new 1997 Corvette (C5) as the all aluminum LS1 V8. General Motors called it the Gen III small-block V8 and a year later (the 1998 model year), the LS1 replaced the LT1 small-block in Camaros and Firebirds, which was followed by the iron-block version of the Gen III V8 appearing in the full size trucks and SUVs.

5 Springtime Phenomena to Protect Your Classic Car From

Spring is officially here! We're sure that news brings a lot of excitement to those with classic cars that have been sitting in storage all winter long. But don't get too laid-back on storing that beauty. Spring brings to the roadways a lot of natural phenomena that can potentially cause damage to your ride. Farm Boy Garage is sharing with you 5 springtime phenomena to protect your classic car from. High Winds and Tornados Severe thunderstorms are no joke in the springtime because there is potential for damaging winds, tornadoes and flooding rainfall. High winds and tornadoes are by far the most extreme event in the spring. If your classic truck or muscle car is sitting outside in these types of conditions are likely to receive some level of damage. Hard Rains and Hail Depending on the condition of your classic car, the severe weather and hard rains could cause leaking issues with your car. This could lead to rust problems, mechanical malfunctions, and even mold iss

St. Patrick's Day Weekend Events Around the Greater Des Moines Area

This weekend is St. Patrick's Day Weekend, and you better believe we'll be celebrating! Whether you are looking to enjoy the traditional St. Patrick’s Day activities or just want to grab a drink with your friends, Greater Des Moines has something for everyone. Put on your green and spend the weekend enjoying food, sports, music and more at these Greater Des Moines events happening Thursday through Sunday. St. Patrick's Day Weekend Events  Around the Greater Des Moines Area Beer Mug Painting at Peace Tree Brewing Dates: March 14, 2019 Location: Peace Tree Brewing Co. Start/End Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM  Before you start drinking green beer this weekend, paint your own mug at Peace Tree Brewing Company. Paint your own Starry Night beer mug or choose an iconic Peace Tree image to go rogue with. One of their talented artists will guide you through the painting process. With the cost of registration ($40), you’ll receive free beer samples, all art supplies, a

Trace the History of Your Classic Car

Owning a classic car is pretty awesome. But when you know that car has a history that dates back to, say before you were born, and it's probably got some pretty cool stories to tell, you may just find yourself wondering... Knowing the history of your car adds tremendously to the restoration experience and it is worth the effort to find out where it was delivered and sold, then passed from owner to owner until it reached you. The story itself is probably just as cool as the car! So Farm Boy Garage thought it'd be a great idea to share with you some information on tracing the history of your classic car so you can possibly learn and share some of your ride's life stories! Why Trace The History Of My Car? Imagine finding out that your classic car was once been owned by an iconic Hollywood actor? The value and prestige attached to your vehicle would go way up. Determining where the car was made and who owned it in the past can be valuable information for any owner. But

March Events and Concerts around Des Moines

March is just about here and we couldn't be more excited to know that spring will soon be on its way! We're ready to hit the road with the windows down and be able to get back out in the community and do all the outdoor things we love doing. But, while we're waiting out the cold and crossing our fingers and toes for some warmer, drier days to come, here are a few events and concerts going on around Des Moines in March! WINE, FOOD & BEER SHOWCASE Friday, March 1, 2019 6:00-9:00PM The Grand Showcase Sample the night away! Started in 1985, the Wine, Food & Beer Showcase is one of the oldest food and beverage events in the area and has become a yearly favorite for foodies, oenophiles and beer enthusiasts alike! Featuring over 40 of the finest restaurants, caterers, wineries, breweries and distilleries in the area, the Wine, Food & Beer Showcase has become the premier event of its kind in Des Moines and has become Des Moines Metro Opera’s signature fu