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The BEST Car Shows in Iowa to Check Out This Summer

There’s nothing like a good car show. Between the stellar vehicles and variety of models, there’s plenty of awesome elements for any car lover to enjoy. Even if you don’t have a vehicle yourself to showcase, you can take this opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience some of the greatest vehicles within the industry. Plus, you get the chance to get up close and personal, which is a rare occurrence in and of itself. That being said, where do you start? Which car shows are going to have what you are looking for? Well, that’s why Farm Boy Garage is sharing with you some of our picks for the best car shows in Iowa that you need to check out this summer.  Concrete Cruizers Charity Car Show  Deery Chevrolet, Pleasant Hill, Iowa - May 21, 2022 If you're into cool cars AND giving to your local community, this car show is the one for you! The Concrete Cruizers Car Club holds this charity car show annually to help raise funds for local organizations, many of which help the local c

Celebrating 60 Years – 5 Badass Muscle Cars of the 60s

It's no secret that muscle cars are badass, no matter what make or model. Clearly, time has had little impact on the esteemed reputation that these cars hold. Even today, we see numerous clients ready to get their vintage beauty back in prime condition by having us restore your muscle car back to its former glory. We know how important it is to have your car in peak condition, like when it first hit the roads back in the good ole days. Speaking of the good ole days… that got us thinking about some of the best of the best muscle cars in history. You know what decade was prime time for muscle cars? Let’s take a stroll back 60 years… to the 1960’s! 1. Pontiac GTO Debuting in 1964, this car was deemed, “The Goat” and for good reason. Stylized after the Tempest LeMans, the GTO truly revolutionized the muscle car market, with some crediting the GTO as the first muscle car. This phenomenal car led to the beginning of competition amongst domestic brands, such as Chevy and Dodge, in t

Tips to Increase the Value of Your Classic Car

When you  invest in a classic car , you typically do so with the goal of having it restored to its former glory. Whether you plan to sell the car or keep it for yourself, increasing the value of the  classic car  is always a good thing. Our  classic car restoration shop  is here to give you a few tips on how to increase the value of your classic car in this week's blog.  How To Increase The Value of Your Classic Car Properly store your classic car. Under ideal circumstances, a classic car should be stored in a clean, dark, and dry space. While it may be tempting to keep your car stored in an inexpensive old barn, the dirt floor and light exposure can be damaging. A garage attached to your home isn’t ideal either because the constant access exposes your car to the elements. Make sure you have perform regular maintenance. Just because you're not driving your classic car on a regular basis, doesn't mean it won't need basic maintenance done to stay at its best, such as: Oil

Commonly Asked Questions About the Restoration Process

Do you have a classic truck or car sitting in a garage or field waiting to be fully restored back to its former glory?  After doing hours of research online about  car restoration , did you get all your questions answered about the process of restoration?  Sometimes this process can become frustrating for people.  We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions that will hopefully help you with the process. Can you tell what condition my vehicle is in just by looking at it? Unfortunately, the answer to the question is no. There is really no way of knowing what issues may be hidden until you begin to take apart the car or truck. Factors like climate, storage conditions and how the vehicle was treated mostly determine the condition of the vehicle. There are just too many internal parts to know the true condition of a car just by visually inspecting it. How do I choose the right restoration shop? We don't want to increase your stress, but the shop you choose will have a major impa

Thinking of Buying a Project Car? Here's What You Need to Consider

If you've been considering buying a project car, a quick and hasty purchase without proper research is not advisable. Choosing the right muscle car, vintage automobile or classic pickup truck is an important part of your decision making, but there are other factors to think about, too. Here are some things you should consider before deciding on a project car.  Make Sure the Car You Choose will Retain Value Finding old cars for sale that need restoration won't be a problem. Finding old cars that hold their value or will significantly increase value after restoration is a whole different story. Some vehicles will never hold value worth your money put in no matter how carefully they're restored. Take time to do extensive research to determine which models are more valuable and don't impulsively settle on a particular model just because you're fond of it. A car with appreciation potential might cost more to buy, but it's important to remember that the cost of the ca