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Benefits of Professional Vehicle Restoration

If you've got a classic truck or muscle car that you've been considered restoring, you may be considering doing it yourself. But not all projects should be handled in the 'DIY' manner. Especially when it comes to your pride and joy!  Auto body restoration for classic cars  is a very specialized job, and because of this, it's best to leave the task to a professional. Check out some of the benefits of professional restoration. We'll Provide Accurate Pricing Before Starting on the Restoration At Farm Boy Garage, we do provide a quote before we even start the car. That quote will not change unless the customer asks for additional upgrades that were not included at the time that we sit down to go over what the customer wants and both parties have agreed on a price. Our guarantee is that we won't blindside a client with a price difference in the end cost compared to what we quoted, and any additional work the client asks for after build has started could be

Host an Event at Farm Boy Garage

If you're tired of the same old event venues and community centers and are looking for a unique place to host your next get-together or event, look no further! While we do stay busy restoring classic trucks and muscle cars at our vehicle restoration garage, we've got one of the coolest hangout spots that is perfect for hosting events like you've never seen before! Check it out. We are expanding every day! Best Accommodations Around! We have 5 acres of land and 8000 square feet of space to rent out for your next social event/party. Whether you are hosting an employee appreciation event, wedding, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, or any other type of gathering Farm Boy Garage will help in the coordination and planning of the entire event. We can even discuss the use of one of our gorgeous muscle cars or shuttle bus! We provide accommodations including a bedroom, bathrooms, laundry facilities, a3000 sq. ft. outdoor patio, and a 2100 sq. ft. bar and lounge area. Our fa

Sneak Peak Under the Hood: Meet Nolan Hamilton

When you pick Farm Boy Garage to  restore your muscle car , you become a part of our family. Because we will be working so closely together, it's only right you get to know the crew that will be taking care of all your  muscle car restoration  needs. This month you'll get the pleasure of finding out a little about Farm Boy Garage's custom upholstery specialist, Nolan Hamilton! Nolan Hamilton Custom Upholstery Nolan Hamilton was born and raised in Boone, Iowa. Nolan completed WyoTech in Laramie, Wyoming in 2012. He received specialized training in automotive technology/trim and upholstery technology. He comes to Farm Boy Garage with 5 years experience. Nolan and Bryan became acquainted when Bryan was needing upholstery work done on one of his personal vehicles. Bryan was so impressed with Nolan’s work that he handed Nolan his business card and said "I am opening a muscle car restoration shop and would like it if you would come work for me." A few months g

Collector Worthy Cars: Chevy Chevelle SS

Muscle. Power. Speed. The Chevy Chevelle SS was the ultimate muscle car. It has a proud history and is considered to be one of the defining American muscle cars. In fact, if you visit a classic car auction, chances are that there will be a Chevelle or two standing out among the rest of the vintage rides. Here's a little history on the Chevelle SS and why we at Farm Boy Garage think this is definitely a collector worthy car! Introduction of the Chevelle SS Introduced in 1963, the Chevelle had a short-lived production span: 1964-1977. This model was available in many different varieties, including 2-door sports coupes and 4-door wagons, and offered the largest range of trim options from basic to swanky packages from GM. Chevy provided two separate SS options for the 1970 Chevelle, the (Z25) SS 396  option and the (Z15) SS 454 option. The SS 454 or Z15, a mid year option, gave the 1970 Chevelle SS buyer two powerhouse 454 V8s to choose from – the LS5 and LS6.  The LS5 454 was r