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3 Reasons Why People LOVE Classic Cars

If you are reading this blog, you are probably a fan yourself of a classic car, maybe you even own one. (Or a few!) With that being said, classic cars are badass in their own right, but what has kept them so popular throughout time? Well, that is what our team here at the best classic car restoration shop intends to answer! So, whether you are new to the whole vintage car scene, or if you have been a passionate buyer and lover of all things classic, then keep reading our newest blog to find out why people are so in love with classic cars, all these years later! 1. The Interesting Background It's no secret that classic cars are cool just by looks alone, but anyone who owns a classic car will love telling you all about the background of their vehicle. This includes the year, how well it was perceived when introduced on the market, specs, etc. Not to mention, every car provides their own unique story. An owner will probably go into detail on how the car has managed to stay in shape f

Farm Boy Garage: Your One Stop Restoration Shop!

Purchasing your dream classic car is one of the greatest feelings in the world! There isn't anything quite like finally having the vehicle you've always wanted right outside your door, but in order to make that dream a reality, you have to start somewhere, with the right team of people. At Farm Boy Garage, we provide all of the restoration services in Iowa you may need from locating your dream vehicle, transporting it, restoring it, and so much more.  To find out why we consider ourselves your one-stop restoration shop, keep reading and we will tell you more!  Locating Your Dream Car As previously mentioned, we do more than just restore your vehicle, but rather, help you with all of the steps leading up to that point as well.  One of our favorite services we offer is our Muscle Car Finder assistance! All you have to do is fill out the form on our website detailing the type of vehicle you are looking for and we will do all we can to locate your dream car. In addition to this,

What You Get Out of Restoring Your Classic Car

The decision to restore your classic car is one that you have probably thought over for some time, as it can be a difficult choice to make. This choice can be made even harder when you aren't aware of the benefits that come from classic car restoration . At Farm Boy Garage, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring when you decide to restore, your car is in top shape. In addition to this, we also want to make sure we are transparent on what you can expect to gain from restoring your classic car.  Keep reading to discover what benefits await you! Car Shows If you own a classic car, chances are you are either wanting to show her off in a car show, or you have already done so. Regardless, in restoring your ride, you can expect your next car show to be one that really lets your car shine. Getting your vehicle professionally restored increases your odds of winning, but also ensures that the work that has been put in is that of fantastic quality. Trust us, people will notice the difference. Priv

Start Off Your Summer with Farm Boy Merch!

When it comes to classic car restoration , the professionals here at Farm Boy Garage know a thing or two, and we always ensure that you are getting exactly what you need for your ride. That being said, we know you want to ride in style, so why not dress the part, too?  At Farm Boy Garage we offer more than just stellar restoration services, but we also offer merchandise that will keep you looking just as badass as your vehicle. Keep reading to see what different styles of merchandise we offer and how you can get your hands on some just in time for summer!  Farm Boy T-Shirts Our first shirt that we offer is this cool and casual black t-shirt with the Farm Boy Garage logo proudly displayed on the front in a small print, and boldly displayed on the back!  This shirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in sizes that range from S-3X.  Our next shirt is similar to our first shirt, but this one comes with a pocket on the chest, under the Farm Boy Garage logo! This shirt adds a little something t