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Sneak Peek Under the Hood: Meet Bryan Kratzer

When you pick Farm Boy Garage to restore your muscle car , you become a part of our family. Because we will be working so closely together, it's only right you get to know the crew that will be taking care of all your muscle car restoration needs. This month you'll get the pleasure of finding out a little about Farm Boy Garage's owner, Bryan Kratzer! Meet Bryan Kratzer - Owner/Operator Bryan Kratzer is a small town farm boy from Seymour, Iowa. He believes life is all about having great friends/family, staying positive, working hard and having a good time all the while making dreams come true. At an early age, Bryan developed a passion for nice cars that not only look good but go fast. Believing things can always be better, Bryan would do little things to improve the performance and appearance of all his vehicles. Bryan’s passion for muscle cars led to his dream of owning his very own shop. All of Bryan’s hard work paid off when in 2015 he purchased 5 acres ri

Farm Boy Garage Services

The guys at Fa rm Boy Garage have vast experience with restoring and repairing all makes and models of muscle cars and classic trucks. No project is too big or small – if you're in need of a full restoration for your classic ride, the skilled staff at Farm Boy Garage will get the job done right! Check out some of the services we offer:  Farm Boy Garage Services Custom Upholstery When the seats of a vehicle are beyond replacement or when a customer wants a new interior, we can either repair or replace the entire upholstery of the vehicle. If you wish to preserve the vehicle's original upholstery, we can preserve and improve that upholstery, making it look new again. Tear Down When a client brings their vehicle in for a full restoration that requires tear down, we disassemble and catalog every piece on vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is put back in its original condition and that all panels, trim, molding placements, etc fit properly. The body is pulled off th

Welcome to the Garage!

Welcome to Farm Boy Garage where we make your classic car dream a reality! From vintage muscle cars to classic trucks, we've got a deep love and appreciation for restoring that vintage beauty back to perfect! In our blog, we'll be sharing with you a wealth of information regarding vehicle restoration , vintage car fun facts and topics, and we'll even share with you some of our projects! This week, we're going to keep it simple and just give you a brief overview of what we do, how we got started, and some of the services we take care of in our garage. Check it out! FROM DREAM TO REALITY Farm Boy Garage went from a young boy’s dream to a grown man’s reality when Bryan Kratzer broke ground in 2015 to designing and building a one of a kind muscle car restoration garage. Bryan Kratzer, owner-operator of Farm Boy Garage, is a born and raised Iowa farm boy. He was taught to work hard, be honest, and self-reliant. His word is his bond. WE'RE A ONE-STOP-SHOP We spe