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5 Tips for Insuring Your Classic Car

Here at Farm Boy Garage , we love classic muscle cars and classic trucks! We know you love your classic and muscle cars too. That’s why we protect them by keeping them clean, waxed, and tuned up but do you have the right insurance coverage on your classic car? In this week’s blog, your Midwest restoration shop would like to share some tips for protecting your baby! What You Need to Know A classic car policy will include similar coverages as a standard auto insurance policy, like property, liability, and medical coverage. Here are some differences between standard and classic car insurance. Your Car’s Value – Because each car is so unique and conditions are different, there is no way to possible to find a book value like an everyday car. The first step should be for you and your insurance company to reach an agreement on the value of the car. Make sure that this value is specified in your policy and your car will be covered up to that in case of loss. Unlike your wife’s sedan,

The Hottest GM Sedans

Here at Farm Boy Garage , we have a love for all things with an engine and wheels. We restore classic cars , muscle cars, and classic trucks for collectors and classic car enthusiasts from around the world. We know the most popular classic and muscle cars have two doors but there are some pretty hot sedans that we love too. In this week’s blog, we will talk about some of our favorite GM four-door machines! Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Many argue that the Oldsmobile 88 was America’s first muscle car.  In 1949 Oldsmobile combined the new Rocket V8 engine with a lighter, more streamlined car to offer a thrilling machine. With a top speed of just 97 MPH and a zero to sixty time at 13 seconds, this was the start of something amazing. Buick Wildcat In 1962 the Wildcat was a Buick Invicta subseries. From 1963 to 1970, the Wildcat was its own series. The 325 Horse 401 cubic inch Wildcat V8 remained the standard engine through 1966. From 1964 to 1966, a 425 cubic inch V8 was also available ma

Iowa Classic Car Events in August

The Fourth of July has come and gone and before we know it summer will be wrapping up. Let’s take advantage of the season and hit some car shows. Not sure where to look for a list of good events? Your Midwest restoration shop has your hook up. In this week’s blog, Farm Boy Garage would like to give you a heads up on some great classic car events for the month of August. Roddin on the River – August 9th and 10th  The Old Iron Company car club is hosting the Micro Mini Nationals on the River August 9th and 10th at East Leach Park in Spencer, Iowa. Plenty of entertainment with a cruise in Friday evening and camping, show and shine, food and craft vendors, poker walk, music, and silent auction. Check out for information. Shine and Show – August 11th Get your ride shined up for the Shine and Show Car Show hosted by Traer Chamber of Commerce. Let’s pack the main street in Traer! Show scheduled for Sunday, August 11th. Registration starts at 10:00 AM with ju

Classic Car Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a classic car sitting in your garage or barn collecting dust? Maybe it’s a car that was left to you, or even your high school machine. Have you thought about getting it restored? Here at Farm Boy Garage , we know there are many questions that run through your mind when you think about getting it back on the road. In this week’s blog, your one stop restoration shop will answer some of those questions you have.  Can I get an exact quote for the restoration? At Farm Boy Garage, we do provide a quote before we ever start work on your car. That quote will not change unless the customer asks for additional upgrades that were not included at the time that we sit down to go over what the customer wants and both parties have agreed on a price. Our guarantee is that we won't blindside a client with a price difference in the end cost compared to what we quoted, and any additional work the client asks for after the build has started could be the only change, and if the chang