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Classic Car Care Tips

Owning a classic car is like owning a little slice of history. Like any antique, it’s important to take extra care to preserve its beauty and functionality, especially after having it restored! At Farm Boy Garage , we know the importance of maintaining your classic ride properly and want to share some tips with you to help you keep your ride looking its best after having it fully restored by yours truly. Take a look: Keep it Clean Washing your car regularly keeps salt, grime and other impurities from permanently damaging your classic's exterior. Don’t forget about the undercarriage as well. Salt and road grime are really good at finding their way into every nook and cranny. Be sure to clean the underside of your car really well to help all the exposed parts clean and corrosion free. Give it a Good Wax Wax is the best way to make the paint look its best. You should give your classic a really good waxing at least once every six months. While you're at it, you should a

5 Reasons You SHOULDN'T Attempt a Vehicle Restoration Project on Your Own

As car people, we know there's just something about the idea of rebuilding your muscle car on your own that provides a sense of pride and accomplishment. We get that. We also get that not everyone is properly equipped or restoration savvy enough to accomplish such a big task on their own. There's no shame in that. You want your classic muscle car to look and run its best. To achieve greatness, sometimes it's just best to leave these tasks to the professionals. Check out these 5 reasons why you SHOULDN'T attempt a vehicle restoration project on your own, and instead hire a vehicle restoration professional. 1. Your Planned Budget May Go Out the Door Before you decide to move forward with a restoration project, the first thing you should do is plan out a budget. Car restoration isn't cheap, so having a budget in mind is important. The problem with attempting a restoration project on your own can throw a HUGE and expensive kink in your budget, especially if yo

What to Consider Before Buying a Car for Restoration

If you've been considering buying an older car to restore , it's important to know that a quick and hasty purchase without proper research is not advisable. Choosing the right muscle car, vintage automobile or classic pickup truck is an important part of your decision making, but there are other factors to think about, too. Here are some things you should consider before putting your pen to your checkbook to make that purchase. Have a Goal in Mind Before buying your next classic car, it's really important to think about what your goals are and what you plan to do with it once you get it. What do you want from this automobile when the project is finished. Do you plan to make it your play car or will you be reselling it? Restoring a car for investment purposes will play a big role in deciding your purchase. How often do you plan to drive it and will you be proudly showing it off at car shows? By asking yourself these questions, you'll more easily be able to determin

Collector Worthy Cars: '69 Chevy Camaro

If you've ever asked someone who isn't a huge classic car enthusiast what their favorite classic car is, chances are they've answered the '69 Camaro. Reason? It's one of the most memorable muscle cars around! Featured in movies like Charlie's Angels and 2 Fast 2 Furious, the popularity of the '69 Camaro has even made its way to the big screen. But what makes this performance pony our pick of the month for a collector worthy classic car ? Let's take a look. A New Look The 1969 Chevy Camaro marked the last of the first generations of Camaros and is arguably the most popular. It featured entirely new, more aggressive looking sheet metal and a revised grille. Transitioning to a flatter, wider looking stance, going away was the original coke bottle shape. A redesigned dash and more comfortable seats made it more livable, too. But it was the staggering array of available performance equipment that marks 1969 as the greatest model year for Camaros. More