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Our Favorites That Wore the SS Badge

As you know by now, here at Farm Boy Garage we love muscle cars. We restore and build some of the hottest muscle cars in the Midwest . We all have our favorites, but some of the most memorable wore the infamous “SS” emblem in their grille. In this week’s blog, your one-stop restoration shop will list out our favorite SS models of all time. History of the Super Sport Before we get started with our list, we need to give you a little history of the Super Sport. In 1957, Chevrolet built a custom Corvette called the Corvette Super Sport. This was the first time anyone had seen the SS badge. On the 1961 Impala, there was a sport and appearance option called the SS package. It included trim on the interior and exterior, chassis reinforcement, stiffer suspension, power brakes, spinner wheel covers, and whitewall tires. Throughout history, the SS package has been available on many different vehicles, including muscle cars, pickup trucks, four-door sedans, SUVs, and smaller front-wheel

History of the American Muscle Car

What is a muscle car? The term was originally used in the early 60s to describe American cars with high horsepower engines. These cars were designed to go fast, and fast they did. As the American car manufacturers started competing in the horsepower race, there soon became many muscle cars from the big three American manufacturers. If this muscle car era had never happened, it would be interesting to see what our car culture would look like today. In this week’s blog, Farm Boy Garage will take you back in time to look at some of the history of these high horse machines. The Beginning There is much controversy over what was the original muscle car. Many claim the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 was the first. The Olds Rocket was the first time America saw a large V8 in a smaller bodied car. Oldsmobile took the engine from the larger Oldsmobile 98 and mated it with the smaller Oldsmobile 76 making the Rocket 88. This bad boy made a whopping 135 horsepower and dominated the 1950 Nascar s

Why People Still Love Classic Cars

At Farm Boy Garage we love everything with tires and a steering wheel. Who doesn’t? Today’s modern cars are great! They are making more power, faster, handle better and more economical than the classics, yet the classic muscle cars of yesteryear are in more demand than ever. Why is that? In this week’s blog, your Midwest restoration garage will explain the reasons people still love classic cars. Had an Impact The most popular reason a person owns the classic car they do is that the vehicle has made an impact on their life at one time or another. It might have been a car that their parents, siblings or friend had when they were younger. It could have been a car from a movie from their childhood. We all have a car or maybe a few that have always been a favorite because of a memory we have. The Design Walk around a car show with a car guy and he can tell you the make, model, and year by the grille, bumper or headlights because every year model was unique. Nowadays vehicles only

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Classic Car

So, you did it -- you bought your dream car! Classic cars require some maintenance you might not have thought about. This isn’t your average everyday car so there are some extra steps that your daily driver doesn’t require. In this week’s blog, Farm Boy Garage will cover 5 tips for maintaining your classic. Farm Boy Garage is your one-stop-shop for all your classic car restoration needs. 1. Keep it Covered When you're not out enjoying your classic, you should always have your ride covered or parked in a garage. Rain, wind, and sun can be a classic car's worst enemy when left exposed. Prolonged exposure to water promotes the development of rust. Wind can blow objects into your car, resulting in scratches and dents. Direct sunlight can cause excessive heat, which can warp panels, fade interior, and cause leathers to dry and crack. Covering your vehicle or parking it in a garage will shield and protect it from the elements - essentially saving you money AND your sanity! 2