Our Favorites That Wore the SS Badge

As you know by now, here at Farm Boy Garage we love muscle cars. We restore and build some of the hottest muscle cars in the Midwest. We all have our favorites, but some of the most memorable wore the infamous “SS” emblem in their grille. In this week’s blog, your one-stop restoration shop will list out our favorite SS models of all time.

History of the Super Sport

Before we get started with our list, we need to give you a little history of the Super Sport. In 1957, Chevrolet built a custom Corvette called the Corvette Super Sport. This was the first time anyone had seen the SS badge. On the 1961 Impala, there was a sport and appearance option called the SS package. It included trim on the interior and exterior, chassis reinforcement, stiffer suspension, power brakes, spinner wheel covers, and whitewall tires. Throughout history, the SS package has been available on many different vehicles, including muscle cars, pickup trucks, four-door sedans, SUVs, and smaller front-wheel-drive cars. The SS package almost always included high-performance tires, heavier suspension, appearance upgrades as well as increased horsepower.

1970 Chevelle SS

The muscle car era was peaking as the 1970s began and the Chevelle mad a big impact. The classic coke bottle style and big horsepower made the 70 Chevelle an instant classic. The Chevelle was offered with two SS options, the SS 396 or SS 454. The 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6 is one of the most desired muscle cars of all time.

1964 Impala SS

In its third generation, the 1964 Impala was redesigned for a more rounded off look and the 409 cubic inch V8 returned as the big block engine option making up to 425 horsepower with dual four barrels, dual exhaust and 11:1 compression. These were big fast cars for their time and ran the quarter-mile in a little over 15 seconds.

1968 Nova SS

In 1968 the SS option was changed from a trim package to a performance option for the Nova. The Nova was one of the smallest muscle cars. In 1968 the standard engine was 295 horse 350 V8, or you had the choice of a 350 horsepower or 375 horsepower 396 big-block V8. This made this little machine a monster on the street!

2010 Camaro SS

We had to include a modern SS on the list. After an eight-year hiatus, the Camaro returned with its retro look for 2010 and is the only car remaining in Chevrolet’s lineup that offers the SS option. In 2010 the SS came standard with the 6.2L V8 making 400 horsepower in the automatic version and the manual cars are rated at 426 horses.

These are only a few of our favorites and we could go on for days. Did your favorite make it on our list? If you have a classic that needs restoration, Farm Boy Garage is the best in the Midwest. We are your one-stop-shop and your new ride won’t leave our shop until you are 100 percent satisfied. Check out our website to see some of the classic muscle cars we have had the pleasure of restoring!

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