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Protect Your Ride from the Summer Elements

Summer officially starts in just a few weeks. We are always excited to see summer come so we can get out our  classic cars and muscle cars  for a cruise. Just like spring, fall, and winter, the summer months can also be harsh to our rides. That’s why in this week’s blog,  Farm Boy Garage  will give you some helpful tips on how to protect your ride from the summer elements. Keep Your Car Covered Especially in the early summer, we can see some strong storms, heavy rain, and tornados. With the storms, we often see trees uprooted, falling limbs, and hail. All these things can be detrimental to our classic cars, trucks and muscle cars. So, while you are out in your car, always pay attention to where you park. If possible, find a parking garage to keep the car under cover. If no covered parking is available, take a car cover along. While a car cover will not protect from falling limbs or hail is will keep the car protected from small debris and hopefully save your paints finish in a mild sto

Top 3 Best Ways to Make Your Classic Car Stand Out

There are few feeling that rival the experience of showcasing the beauty of a classic car. Finding a way to really highlight your car's admirable qualities can be challenging at times, as you want to make sure you are truly blowing away the crowd of people viewing your vehicle, and giving them something that sticks out beyond the competition. With that in mind, there are 3 best ways to make your classic car stand out, and that is what our team at Farm Boy Garage is here to help you navigate. It's time to explore some of the best ways to make your vintage beauty stand out from the crowd.  1. Cleanliness is a Must If you are showing your car, more than likely you have already given her a thorough scrub, but when we talk about cleanliness, we truly mean going the extra mile. Scrubbing the outside isn't enough, and you need to clean every area of the inside of your car. This means, wiping the dashboard, upholstery, radio, any knobs, etc. Keep in mind, you want to make your ride

Why Vintage Always Wins

When it comes to classic cars, there is a certain expectation of quality, and with time we assume that the existing quality increases. But, is that always the case? When exploring the new versus the mature vehicle, it is clear to see the differences both in style and mechanically. Unfortunately, cars just are not made like they used to be, but that being said the newer models still have something to offer, just not as much as the classics. (They're called classics for a reason, right?)  Our team at Farm Boy Garage appreciates all classic cars and the restoration process that car owners take to ensure the quality of their vehicle. So, let's get right into why we feel that vintage cars are always the right pick.  Pure Style There's just something about classic cars that scream style. Maybe it is the distinguishing features that truly defined each vehicle from one another. In modern car style, most cars tend to fall into the same pattern of similarities that just don't all