Protect Your Ride from the Summer Elements

Summer officially starts in just a few weeks. We are always excited to see summer come so we can get out our classic cars and muscle cars for a cruise. Just like spring, fall, and winter, the summer months can also be harsh to our rides. That’s why in this week’s blog, Farm Boy Garage will give you some helpful tips on how to protect your ride from the summer elements.

Keep Your Car Covered

Especially in the early summer, we can see some strong storms, heavy rain, and tornados. With the storms, we often see trees uprooted, falling limbs, and hail. All these things can be detrimental to our classic cars, trucks and muscle cars. So, while you are out in your car, always pay attention to where you park. If possible, find a parking garage to keep the car under cover. If no covered parking is available, take a car cover along. While a car cover will not protect from falling limbs or hail is will keep the car protected from small debris and hopefully save your paints finish in a mild storm.

Plan Your Route and Watch the Weather

With today's technology, we have all the information in the world in our pockets. Maybe even some of your hotrods have radios with navigation systems and weather apps. As we already covered, storms in the summer are all too common. With those heavy rains, comes flooding just like we are seeing now across most of the central US. Use that technology to plan your routes and watch for flooded roadways and check the forecast for potential storms you could run into on your journeys.

Keep Your Baby Clean

Summer is when we put the most miles on our classics so keep your baby clean. As we drive, dirt and pollutants will build upon your car's paint. Don’t let that grime sit on your pretty car. You want to keep your expensive paintwork free of any damage. Give your classic or muscle car a good wash job and remove all that grime. A nice coat of wax will also go along ways to protect your paint from the harmful summer elements.

Tint Your Windows

We all know that dark tinted windows look great on a vehicle, but there is more to window tinting that making your ride look good. Tinting your windows will keep your cars interior cooler as well as protect your interior from the harmful summer sun, all while not interfering with your visibility.

Let's all get out and enjoy the summer with our classics, trucks and muscle cars. There will be many chances to show off your beauty and to meet new people who love cars as much as you. If you have a classic car, muscle car or classic truck that needs restoration, Farm Boy Garage can tackle any job. Let us help you create the ride of your dreams. Visit our website and check out the many projects we have completed as well as see all the restoration services we offer.

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