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What Are Your Classic Car Restoration Goals?

What is your DREAM classic car ? Whatever is may be, the better question is, what are goals for it? This is a question every classic car buyer should ask themselves. This will help you determine if its worth your purchase or not. On that note, our classic car restoration shop is here to give you a few things to consider when buying your classic car, in this week's blog. If you are having trouble finding the classic car of your dreams out there, give us a call! Farm Boy Garage can be reached at 515-528-8904. We will locate it, bring it here, and restore it to your specifications. Photo Credit: Fun Lake MO Possible Classic Car Restoration Goals Keep in mind that different levels of work can go into restoring a classic car or truck, depending on what you plan to do with your car or truck. Do You See Yourself... Entering This Classic Car Into Car Shows? Classic car shows can be such a great experience for a new classic car owner BUT it's important that you realize the level of wo

Restoring a Classic Car On Your Own VS. Hiring The Pros

If you've ever thought about buying a classic car, we encourage you to do so! It's a fun group to be in and there are many benefits to owning a classic car . However, if you're buying a classic car with plans to restore it yourself, do you have the experience it takes to do this job correctly? If you can't honestly answer YES, then we strongly suggest you hire a professional team classic car restoration mechanics to handle this for you! Keep reading this week's blog for a few reasons why. If you just bought a classic car and are READY to hire the pros to restore your classic car to its former glory, please give us a call today. Farm Boy Garage can be reached at 515-528-8904.  Restoring a Classic Car On Your Own VS. Hiring The Pros When trying to figure out whether or not you should hire professionals to restore your classic car for you, it really can boil down to 3 things - time, money, and skills. Let's dive into that a little more. TIME Restoring a classic c

Things EVERY Classic Car Owner Should Keep Top of Mind

If you're new to the classic car owner world and you don't really know anyone with the experience who can tell you what it takes to keep your classic car in good working shape, this is the blog for you. With any classic car or truck, there are a few important items you should keep TOP OF MIND. Our classic car restoration shop is here to go over those with you in this week's blog. Remember, if you're in need of some classic car restoration work, choose Farm Boy Garage . Farm Boy is a one-stop shop, your classic car does not leave the garage until the complete restoration job finished. Give us a call today at 515-528-8904. WHEN IT COMES TO CLASSIC CAR RESTORATION - EXPERIENCE COUNTS! If you are looking to have some major work done on your classic or antique car, choose the BEST classic car restoration experts around to manage this important task for you. If you don't know how to manage these sorts of tasks on your own, don't try to do so. You will likely end up

What’s YOUR Reason For Owning a Classic Car?

A 1970 Chevy Nova, 1968 Firebird, 1969 Convertible Trans Am - what do all of these cars have in common? They are CLASSICS! There's such a difference in driving a classic car versus a modern one. It's a truly enjoyable experience for real classic car enthusiasts . How does one become a classic car enthusiast? What are there reasons for wanting to own a classic car in this first place? That's what we're here to talk about today in this week's blog. Keep reading for a few popular reasons for wanting to own a classic car . If YOU are ready to be a classic car owner but are having trouble finding the classic car or truck of your dreams, please give us a call. Farm Boy Garage can be reached at 515-528-8904. TO BE A FREQUENT CLASSIC CAR SHOW PARTICIPANT! There are car shows all over the world that celebrate classic cars, muscle cars, and classic trucks. They can give you the chance to meet new people that share similar interests to yourself. People who often go to freque