What Are Your Classic Car Restoration Goals?

What is your DREAM classic car? Whatever is may be, the better question is, what are goals for it? This is a question every classic car buyer should ask themselves. This will help you determine if its worth your purchase or not. On that note, our classic car restoration shop is here to give you a few things to consider when buying your classic car, in this week's blog. If you are having trouble finding the classic car of your dreams out there, give us a call! Farm Boy Garage can be reached at 515-528-8904. We will locate it, bring it here, and restore it to your specifications.

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Possible Classic Car Restoration Goals

Keep in mind that different levels of work can go into restoring a classic car or truck, depending on what you plan to do with your car or truck.

Do You See Yourself...

Entering This Classic Car Into Car Shows?

Classic car shows can be such a great experience for a new classic car owner BUT it's important that you realize the level of work that goes into restoring your car so that it's ready for this sort of exposure. Typically, if you plan to show your car in many shows, we suggest you hire professionals to do the restoration work. Ask upfront what the estimate will be to cover that work.

Driving This Classic Car On A Regular Basis?

If you plan to actually drive your classic car regularly, it will need to be restored so that it is in safe, driving condition. In this case, inspections may be required, depending on your state. If you're not experienced in classic car restoration, we suggest you take it in to a classic car restoration garage to do this work for you.

Placing Your Classic Car In Exclusive Shows or Private Collections?

If you're wanting to have your classic car entered into a private collection or into exclusive car shows, this will likely require the "concours" level of restoration. This means professionals will need to do all the work and you will likely be asked to not drive the car. This will be strictly a car show or collection vehicle.

Photo Credit: Fun Lake MO

Farm Boy Garage is Here To Help You Reach Your Classic Car Restoration Goals!

Now that you're familiar with some of the different levels of work involved in restoring a classic car, which one do you think you're interested in? Know that we assist our clients in making sure the restoration process is stress free, fun, and cost effective. We have a large enclosed trailer to haul your precious dream machine from your home (anywhere on this planet) to ours and from our home back to yours safely. We are also conveniently located near the airport and we will assist in all accommodations even providing you with a place to stay while you are here. Farm Boy is a one-stop shop, your classic car does not leave the garage until the complete restoration job finished. Bring in a junker and leave with a classic! We restore classic cars, muscle cars, and classic trucks for collectors and classic car enthusiasts from around the world. For more information, please give us a call today at the number listed below. To stay up to date on our latest announcements, please follow us on our social media channels listed below.

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