Things EVERY Classic Car Owner Should Keep Top of Mind

If you're new to the classic car owner world and you don't really know anyone with the experience who can tell you what it takes to keep your classic car in good working shape, this is the blog for you. With any classic car or truck, there are a few important items you should keep TOP OF MIND. Our classic car restoration shop is here to go over those with you in this week's blog. Remember, if you're in need of some classic car restoration work, choose Farm Boy Garage. Farm Boy is a one-stop shop, your classic car does not leave the garage until the complete restoration job finished. Give us a call today at 515-528-8904.


If you are looking to have some major work done on your classic or antique car, choose the BEST classic car restoration experts around to manage this important task for you. If you don't know how to manage these sorts of tasks on your own, don't try to do so. You will likely end up spending more money than necessary and wasting your time. Choose Farm Boy Garage for ALL of your classic car restoration needs. We treat every muscle car that comes through our doors as if they were our own.


In short, burnouts can be good for your classic car, depending on what you intend to do with your car once it's fixed up. For instance, if you plan to drag race competitively, a proper burnout can remove foreign matter from your tires that might be collected while rolling around in the pits.


When you're not driving it, you should always have your classic ride covered or parked in a garage. Prolonged exposure to water promotes the development of rust. Direct sunlight can cause excessive heat, which can warp panels, fade interior, and cause leathers to dry and crack. 


Each restoration is different, but be prepared for the complete restoration to take a while to complete. To properly do a restoration takes time and it cannot be rushed. There may also be unexpected down time if we need to wait for replacement parts. Classic car parts are not as easy to get as OEM parts. We want to make sure you are satisfied with the work that we are doing. 

Now that we've covered those important points, it's time for you to take that major step! You've found your dream car but you know you don't have the time or the experience to fix it up properly. Call Farm Boy Garage today! Our number is listed below. We are constantly posting and tweeting about events we're involved in and projects we may be featuring. The best way to stay up to date on that is to follow us on our social media channels listed below.

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