Why Vintage Always Wins

When it comes to classic cars, there is a certain expectation of quality, and with time we assume that the existing quality increases. But, is that always the case? When exploring the new versus the mature vehicle, it is clear to see the differences both in style and mechanically. Unfortunately, cars just are not made like they used to be, but that being said the newer models still have something to offer, just not as much as the classics. (They're called classics for a reason, right?) 
Our team at Farm Boy Garage appreciates all classic cars and the restoration process that car owners take to ensure the quality of their vehicle. So, let's get right into why we feel that vintage cars are always the right pick. 
Pure Style
There's just something about classic cars that scream style. Maybe it is the distinguishing features that truly defined each vehicle from one another. In modern car style, most cars tend to fall into the same pattern of similarities that just don't allow for the car itself to have its own unique and individual style. On the other hand, when you see a vintage car, you can almost immediately tell what kind of car you're looking at based upon the style. Plus, if you drive a vintage car, you can probably attest to the statement that more people tend to compliment your vintage car than your modern one. 

Increased Value
Appreciation is a great thing when it applies to your car, but typically speaking most modern cars lose value the moment you drive them off the lot, plus statistically they lose about 15%-20% every year. With vintage cars, as long as you are keeping up with the restoration service your vehicle will require, you will see an increase in value, as vintage cars, when taken care of, are a fantastic investment. Ensuring your vintage vehicle is getting the best restoration services is ensuring your financial security in what you have invested in your classic ride. When you see it is time to perform some maintenance, you know that you can call the team at Farm Boy Garage and we will take care of all the needs that your car has.
Extravagance Does Not Equal Quality
When we think of extravagance and high-tech in a car, more than likely you are thinking of newer models, and granted, some of the newer car models do have some really cool features; however, all of the extravagant assets to a vehicle cannot replace the sheer quality of parts and manufacturing that you get with vintage cars. In their simplicity, you will see that classic cars hold up fantastically over a span of time, plus with how simple the cars are, you can dedicate much more time in properly having your vehicle restored for great prices versus having to break the bank with newer models when you decide to modify. 
We value all vehicles, which is why we offer the absolute best restoration services for you to take full advantage of. So, if you have a vehicle that is in need of a little TLC, reach out to our team at Farm Boy Garage and let us take care of you and your vintage beauty. To explore all of the restoration services we offer, take a look at our website at www.farmboygarage.com

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