5 Tips for Maintaining Your Classic Car

So, you did it -- you bought your dream car! Classic cars require some maintenance you might not have thought about. This isn’t your average everyday car so there are some extra steps that your daily driver doesn’t require. In this week’s blog, Farm Boy Garage will cover 5 tips for maintaining your classic. Farm Boy Garage is your one-stop-shop for all your classic car restoration needs.

1. Keep it Covered

When you're not out enjoying your classic, you should always have your ride covered or parked in a garage. Rain, wind, and sun can be a classic car's worst enemy when left exposed. Prolonged exposure to water promotes the development of rust. Wind can blow objects into your car, resulting in scratches and dents. Direct sunlight can cause excessive heat, which can warp panels, fade interior, and cause leathers to dry and crack. Covering your vehicle or parking it in a garage will shield and protect it from the elements - essentially saving you money AND your sanity!

2. Keep it Clean

Washing your car regularly keeps salt, grime and other impurities from permanently damaging your classic's exterior. Don’t forget about the undercarriage, as well. Salt and road grime are really good at finding their way into every nook and cranny. Be sure to clean the underside of your car really well to keep all the exposed parts clean and corrosion free.

3. Give it a Good Wax

Wax is the best way to make the paint look its best. You should give your classic a really good waxing at least once every six months. While you're at it, you should also apply some chrome care to the chrome trim to help keep it shining.

4. Maintain Under the Hood

Having a good-looking car is just part of owning a classic, but the engine is what really turns heads. With regular oil changes and other fluid changes, your engine should remain in peak condition.  Nothing will destroy a motor quicker than old or low oil levels. It is the life blood of every motor and should be a number one priority to check and change regularly. You should also have its cooling system flushed out at least once a year. And don't forget to change the transmission fluid and differential oil. Newer cars require it at their service intervals, but classics could really use this a little more regularly.

5. Drive the Thing

Most guys want to lock their cars up and keep them safe, but where’s the fun in that? Get out and drive the thing and put the car through its paces. Cars will incur more damage by sitting still. When a car just sits, seals and rubber components dry up and then things start to leak. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, just enough to get it up to temperature. This will also dry out any dampness and condensation. Also, driving your classic frequently will let you know if there are any drivability issues you need to know about. Enjoy the car. That’s why you own it!

Do you have a classic that needs restoration? Did these tips get you excited about getting it back on the road? Farm Boy Garage would love to help. We are a full restoration shop and build classic cars for collectors and car enthusiasts from around the world. We build complete custom muscle cars to order. Check out our services and completed projects on our website.

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