Stand Out with Custom Interior Work by Farm Boy Garage!

Imagine pulling up to that car show you've been looking forward to all year long in anticipation of showing off your pride and joy, and immediately catching the eye of every passerby that glances your way. Now imagine causing even more envy throughout the crowd when they see your classic muscle car with a luxurious one-of-a-kind leather interior that matches the exterior in class and style. If you’ve found the classic car of your dreams, but it really needs an interior overhaul to go with a complete custom exterior restoration, let Farm Boy Garage add luxury, comfort and style to your vehicle at an affordable price.

We Specialize in Custom Car Interiors
Farm Boy Garage specializes in custom car interiors in the Des Moines, IA area. We are able to handle all your custom car upholstery needs. We take pride in every interior job we do! Want to add those special touches to your custom car interior? We can make your car stand out from the crowd by using multiple leather colors, colored piping, colored stitching, fiberglass, carbon fiber, custom made trim pieces and fine woods. We can add inserts into the headliner to give your custom car or hot rod a truly unique look. We can build custom leather and upholstery bucket seats, custom leather and upholstery bench seats, custom leather and upholstery door panels, custom leather and upholstery headliners and more!

From Start to Finish, We Do It All!
Finding a class car restoration shop that does both exterior and upholstery work can be a hassle. Either they only specialize in exterior body work, or they only specialize in the interior details. It's tough to find a true one-stop shop that does it all, meaning your classic car is spending double the time sitting in a shop, and you're spending twice the money paying two or more different experts to complete your ideal remodel. Not to mention, relying on two separate people to handle these jobs can not only be extremely costly, but the risks of issues such as properly installing carpeting over bulging wire harnesses, accounting for paint that doesn't meet with panel overlays and inconsistent door gaps are to be expected and can add to the labor cost of an interior project. Having one shop handle all aspects of your interior and exterior restoration needs can save you time AND money!

So, if you're ready to stand out with customer interior work that'll make bystanders gawk in envy, you've got to talk to our boys at Farm Boy Garage! Farm Boy Garage was created for the person who may not have the time or knowledge to create their very own dream muscle car. Bryan lives for the thrill of locating the vehicle you desire and bringing it to life. Each car is designed specifically for that vehicle’s owner with everything being done in one place, by people you can trust. We specialize in complete muscle car builds, inside and out, to order!

Are you ready to create the muscle car or classic truck of your dreams? Let us be your one-stop-shop! Visit our website to check out some of the recent projects we've completed and to learn about the different vehicle restoration services we offer.

Muscle Car & Classic Truck Restoration

Farm Boy Garage
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