5 Events to Host at Farm Boy Garage

Hold your next event at Farm Boy Garage. We have 6 acres of land and 8000 square feet of space to rent out for your next social event/party. Whether you are hosting an employee appreciation event, wedding, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, or any other type of gathering, Farm Boy Garage will help in the coordination and planning of the entire event!

1. Employee Appreciation Party
There are many benefits to having a company employee appreciation party. It builds culture and is great for team building. Not to mention, employees deserve an opportunity to be recognized and celebrated for their hard work! And in the grand scheme of things, this gives you an opportunity to show you’re a company that values employees’ happiness—and that you’re a genuinely fun place to work. Now, your venue for hosting such an event should be just as fun and unique as you and your employees are, right? That's why our facility is the perfect location to host your next employee appreciation event!

2. Wedding & Reception
Do you and your significant other have a serious adoration for classic muscle cars? Why not incorporate that passion into your big day? Our facility offers just about everything you need to host a beautiful wedding and reception, including lodging for a honeymoon suite setting! Picture rolling up to the aisle in a class muscle car... you'll be the envy of all of your friends and family!

3. Birthday Bash
Celebrating a birthday is a big deal! We're always looking for new ways to spice up the celebration when it comes to turning another year older. Especially for those milestone birthdays! Got a car enthusiast in your life with a big birthday coming up? We've got the perfect location to host a birthday bash of a lifetime! With a game room available, a fully usable kitchen and bar, and plenty of room to set up live entertainment, our facility is the perfect party venue for that milestone birthday celebration!

4. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Getting married? You gotta have the final fling before the ring! Why not rent out a fun facility like ours to enjoy your last hoorah as a bachelor! Play pool or foosball with your pals, and enjoy the privacy of your own bar setting without the overwhelming crowds and expensive tabs! Plus, you don't have to go far to crash once the party's died down. Oh! Did we mention, we've got a party bus?!

5. Family or High School Reunion
Skip the standard reunion tradition of meeting up in the gym of your old high school or trying to cram everyone in at grandma's house. Start a new tradition for your family or high school reunions at Farm Boy Garage! We've got ample space to host large groups for any reunion! Plus, our shop and the gorgeous cars we're working on will give the guys something to talk about, filling up any awkward silences. With space for live entertainment, you've got a gem of opportunities here for your next reunion!

Choose Farm Boy Garage for Your Next Event Location!
Our love for remodeling and restoring vintage cars and trucks goes far beyond our services. This literally is a lifestyle for us and we take great pride in our abilities to produce top-notch perfection! Plus, we LOVE showing off our amazing facilities and want others to be able to enjoy the hard work and dedication we've put into this place as well. If you're in need of a venue for your next event, be sure to give us a call to discuss your event options!

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