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Reviews are a great way to hear how your customers feel about your business and your services.  At Farm Boy Garage, we love to hear from our customers and see photos of them enjoying the car or truck that means so much to them.  Occasionally we will even get a review about who we are as people and not just our business.   In this week’s blog, we will highlight some of our favorite reviews.  


“I have been to the shop numerous times. I have seen the work of these professionals. You will not find a better shop to have lovingly and professionally restored. All the finest details included.”
P Wilson

“I was golfing out in Norwalk right before a big storm was about to hit, thought I had some time to be able to walk back to the clubhouse and get to my car before the rain got here. Turned out I was very wrong and as I started to head back I knew I was about to get soaked any minute and still had probably 3 miles to go before I got to my car..
Ran into Bryan on his cart and he kindly offered to give me a ride back to my car so I wouldn't get caught in the rain.. torrential downpour started minutes after i got back!! If it wasn't for Bryan offering such a nice gesture I would've had a 20 minute walk in the pouring rain.
I don't have any projects for shops like Farm Boy Garage to give my business but all assured I would go straight here if I did. What an awesome gesture by Bryan, made my night.”
Jared Kockler

“I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner, Bryan Kratzer, and his staff in discussing the restoration of my vehicle. I was given a tour of the shop. There is no question of who will get my business, Farm Boy Garage. Thank you Bryan and staff for showing me everything and explaining everything in detail.”
Jerry Warzine

“Love this place and enjoy watching all the new builds.”
Melissa Black

“FarmBoy Garage is the Best in the US!
Every detail of every car restored is carefully detailed to perfection to insure it 100% to the year.
The cars at the Iowa State Fair this year were spectacular!
I sat in several and each time it was surreal as these cars each have a history like no other!
10 STARS to greatest pit and detail crew in Iowa!”
Jacqueline W Riekena

“Hottest cars around! Let Brian take care of all your needs you won't be disappointed. This place has overnight arrangement a place to relax and watch your car get restored. Bring in a Junker in and come out with a classic.”
Kevin Upton

“Bryan can make your dream car come to life. Stop by n see for yourself. Very impressive.”
Nate Moore

As you can see, our customers leave Farm Boy Garage happy with our service.  We love to see the great reviews role in, it helps our staff and our ownership believe in what we do and keep striving to be the best.  If you are looking for someone to restore the car or truck of your dreams call us at (515) 528-8904 or visit our website  

Muscle Car & Classic Truck Restoration

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