5 Classic Cars Built by Chevy

There are so many classic cars that we love at Farm Boy Garage! Many times you can find a junker that looks like there is no life in it until you see through the rust and realize that car could be the car you have been dreaming about since you were little. In this week’s blog, we will highlight 5 classic cars built by Chevy.

1968 Chevy Nova
The 1968 Chevy completely redesigned the Chevy Nova. You will notice an extensive difference in the body style that had a longer wheelbase than the earlier models. This model had the same front clip as the Camaro, which meant the big-block engine would now fit in the Nova. When the 68 model was announced, it had 15 powertrain choices available. A few of the big choices were power brakes, power steering, air conditioning, shoulder belts in the rear seating, and head restraints. This model had great performance and costs a lot less than the Chevy Camaro.

1969 Chevy ZL-1 Camaro
The ZL-1 Camaro was the rarest and most powerful Camaro in the ’60s. There were only 69 of these Camaro’s built make this model one of the most valuable Chevy Camaros today. This model was a drag race-ready factory car. The aluminum block 427-CID V8 racing engine had 439 hp but was believed to produce over 500 hp. Speaking of valuable, the first ZL-1 built sold in 2012 at the Mecum Auction for a cool $400,000.

1968 Chevy Impala
In 1968 dropped the same engine into the Chevy Impala that was in the 66 Corvette. The 425 hp, iron block L-72 427 made the Impala a different machine. It was available with a Muncie 4-speed or the Turbo-Hydramatic 400 3-speed. Chevy added bright red 427 badges to the fender and red and white SS 427 badges to the grill and decklid. 711,000 Impalas we built by Chevy in 1968. 1778 were SS427’s and only 568 cars received the L72 according to Hemmings.

1967 Chevy Chevelle SS
In 1967 Chevy gave the Chevelle a facelift. The item that stands out the most is the large wraparound taillights. The new taillights went into the rear end of the car with standard back up lights. Front disc brakes were now available along with dual master cylinder brake systems with a warning light. 14’ wheels and a 3-speed automatic were also added to the ‘67. The collapsible steering column became a standard feature.

1967 Chevy El Camino
Most of the changes in the 1967 El Camino were under the hood. However, you will notice a 3 spoke steering wheel and an energy-absorbing steering column are a few of the changes you will notice in the interior of the car. With the 396 V-8, a 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission was available. The 4-speed manual was offered with either the 325 hp 327 or 350 hp 396. There was also a choice of standard, economy, performance, or special performance rear axle ratios.

As you can see Chevy built some amazing cars that are now considered classics. At Farm Boy Garage we can take a classic car that is considered junk to most people and bring them back to their original luster. Farm Boy is your one-stop-shop, your classic car does not leave the garage until the complete restoration is finished.

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