Keeping Your Classic Car Cool This Summer

It shouldn't come as any surprise that cars can overheat, especially in the summer season when the weather is hot and you are taking more joy rides than you typically would in any other season. That being said, the summer season can pose an issue to classic car owners in that in it being a vintage car, it may have some vintage parts. That being said, overheating may occur more commonly than you might expect. Fortunately, the team at Farm Boy Garage has a few tips and tricks to help you navigate your way through keeping your classic car cool this summer. 

Have a Solid Thermostat

As you can probably imagine, the thermostats initially used in a classic car weren't created with the technology we have today. Ensuring that your thermostat is regulating your car's temperature is a sure way to keep your car from overheating. If it isn't, then you may have an issue of age on your hands. If your thermostat fails, it remains closed and can cause your car to overheat very quickly. If you have some outdated gear, it may be time to consider investing in classic car restoration and getting everything back to where it should be. 

Check On Your Radiator

Your radiator can pose a huge dilemma to your summer plans if you haven't cleaned it off in a hot minute. Blockages are common, and are typically the cause for overheating, so that should be one of the first places you check. If you take a look and see tons of built up bugs and grime, you should probably start by cleaning that off first and seeing if anything has been blocked. Keep in mind, you can also experience internal blockages, which would require you to do a bit more work, but luckily, it is a relatively easy task. 

Cars Need Check-Ups, Too

Obviously, your classic car is important to you. Take care of it. One way you can help prevent overheating is ensuring all the parts on your vehicle are in good shape that way you can be ready to ride this summer, especially if this is a car that you haven't taken out in a while or if you have just gotten a new set of wheels. To ensure your car is in top shape, you have options, including the Farm Boy Garage team who can restore your car to its former glory, that way little things like overheating won't get in the way of your summer fun. 

To summarize, maintenance is by far the best way to keep your classic car from overheating this summer. If you intend on going on some long, warm summer drives, make sure you seek out help from the classic car experts at Farm Boy Garage to get your beauty ready to take on any obstacle it might drive upon this summer. 

If you are in need of classic car restoration services, look no further than our team, as we are your one-stop shop to getting your dud back into business. Check out our website at to see what services we offer. 

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