The classic vehicle driving clock is ticking away for most people across the country. Cold and dreary weather is upon most of us and shorter days keep us from spending too much time outside. Now is the time to prepare your classic vehicle for the winter weather and storage. It can be a sad time for many, but we are not saying goodbye, only saying till next year. Till then, we at Farm Boy Garage, your one stop shop for classic vehicle restoration, have a few tips for winter storage to preserve its condition.

WAX ON, WAX OFF ~ Wash, wax and polish that beauty up. Giving it a good detailing helps prevent corrosion and tarnish during the cold months. It also keeps grit and grime from scratching your car if you choose to cover it. Don’t forget the interior, vacuum, wipe down and make sure all materials are protected.
FILL THAT TANK ~ Fill your classic restorations tank with premium fuel and add a fuel stabilizer. The stabilizer will prevent evaporation that can lead to corrosion in the gas tank. Without a stabilizer, fuel can deteriorate and gum up your carburetor, making it difficult to start the engine come spring. After you add the stabilizer, run the engine for a few minutes to distribute it throughout the system.

CHANGE FLUIDS ~ Change the oil and filter and replace coolant, brake and transmission fluids to prevent corrosion during the winter months.

KEEP IT DRY ~ While your classic car is in hibernation, moisture and humidity can lead to mold on its upholstery and carpet if it is stored in an area that is not climate controlled. Placing several boxes of baking soda throughout the interior can help absorb excess moisture.

AIR THOSE TIRES ~ If you are storing your classic car for less than six months, you can prevent flat spots on your tires by slightly overinflating them before hibernation. If you are storing it for longer than six months, your best bet is to lift the car on jack stands to prevent strain on the tires.

TIME TO UNPLUG ~ Disconnect the battery terminals or remove the battery entirely to keep it from discharging in storage. Use a battery tender to keep the battery charged until it’s time to cruise again.

TIME TO COVER UP ~ Cover your classic restoration with a breathable classic car cover. We recommend not to use plastic as that can cause moisture buildup beneath the cover. To be extra careful with that dream care, we highly recommend storing it in a climate controlled environment. Make sure to prevent any rodents or pest from getting to your beauty as well.

When in doubt, contact the professionals at Farm Boy Garage with all your classic restoration needs. No one wants to see all the work and tireless hours that go into restoring a vehicle to be damaged by simply not taking the time to store your classic properly. It may seem a bit excessive, but taking these steps are what is needed when owning a beautifully restored classic vehicle. If unforeseen circumstances do cause damage over the winter storage, Farm Boy Garage is here to help fix those issues.

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