What makes Farm Boy Garage even better? Not only can we restore your American classic, but we can help you find it! Finding that classic car you have been dreaming about or eyeballing since you were a kid can be the hardest step in making your ownership of an American Classic a reality. Well, Farm Boy Garage, with our many connections in the restoration community, are here to help you find the car of your dreams.


You would think that finding your dream classic car would be the first step, but it is not. Before starting the search you first need to make sure you have funds available to purchase the car. Many times there is not much time to decide if you want to pull the trigger on the purchase. Having funds quickly available ensures your bid is taken seriously.


Hop on over to Farm Boy Garage website and complete the Muscle Car Finder. The more details you can provide the easier it will be for our team to narrow down the search. Maybe you have found your dream car but the owner is resistant to your offers to buy. In many of these situations, having the reputation of Farm Boy Garage reach out for you makes all the difference.


WAITING! The most grueling part of the process. You have made the decision, secured your finances, submitted your request and now you just have to sit back and wait. You can also continue your own search as well. You never know what you will find down that old country road hiding in a barn or field.


You have found and PURCHASED your dream car! Now it is time to let Farm Boy Garage do what they do best, RESTORATION! With our one-stop-shop, your classic dream car comes in the garage in disrepair and it leave classic car eye candy! This step can also feel like it takes forever, but visiting your car through the process helps you feel like a part of the restoration.


Drive that classic dream car with the biggest smile on your face and enjoy the fruits of your journey.

The purchase of a classic car can be a roller coaster of emotions. Farm Boy Garage, with their knowledge, professionalism and contacts can help make the process smoother. Be a part of the Farm Boy Garage Family and make the decision to make your dream classic car a reality.



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