Do you Prefer Restoring your Classic or Building a Restomod?

If you are bringing a classic back to its former glory, there are essentially two choices. You can have the car restored to its original factory design and specs or you can customize the car to your desires. Both sides have valid points when it comes to choosing one over the other, and before you can make that decision, you must know the difference between the two. Farm Boy Garage will explain the differences between restoration and restomod. With this information, you can decide on what to do with your classic or muscle car.


Most people will understand the concept of restoration. You are simply bringing a classic or muscle car back to its original state, just like when it came off the showroom floor. In a restoration project, you will want to use factory OEM parts as much as possible, keeping it as original as possible. When finished, the car will look original, just like the car has been preserved.


What is a restomod? This concept is simply a mashup of restoration and modification. Like a restoration, you will make the car like new while making the car your own. The use of technology to enhance the car's performance is what makes a restomod. The car will still look like a classic but with modern powertrains, suspension, safety, and creature comforts.

Your Plans

Each project has a different outcome. Depending on your plans for the car, you can decide on what and how you want this car to look and perform. Some will prefer if they are driving a classic, then it should drive and feel like a classic. While others will want the reliability and comfort of new technology. Depending on your final goal and budget, you can make the decision on a full restoration or a restomod.


Which One is the Best Decision for You?

Ultimately, it comes down to purpose and budget, but it also comes down to whether or not you care if your vehicle remains a true classic with 100% factory specs or if you don’t mind throwing in some modern day conveniences. If you are a purist and want a collectible car to take to shows, a restoration is a route you should go. If you plan to make it a driver, then you should lean to newer technology like fuel injection, abs brakes, and interior amenities. This will allow you to jump in the car and take off without worries of older technology and being uncomfortable. Whatever route you decide to take, please bring your ride into Farm Boy Garage. We can do it all! We are your one-stop restoration shop. You dream it and we build it!

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