Car Show Tips for After COVID-19

Who's ready to get back to normal? We're thinking the chances are just about all of you are ready for that. On that note, this classic car restoration shop is here to give you a few car show tips for when the COVID-19 pandemic is over and events are back on. It can be really nice to think about the future and all of the positivity fun car shows can bring classic car enthusiasts such as yourself, instead of worrying about the tough times we're all going through right now. Keep reading this week's blog for a few car show participation tips for after COVID-19. To get your classic car restored by only the best, call Farm Boy Garage today. We can be reached at 515-528-8904.

Make your classic car shine!
You have liked invested some money into your classic car, so when it comes time to enter it into some car shows, show it off, the right way! Be sure to bring some window cleaner and rags to wipe it down throughout the day so that it doesn't look dusty or dirty when your fellow car enthusiasts are admiring your ride.

Clean up the tires.
Don't forget a bottle of tire shine! You may be surprised at how much better your car may look just by spending a little extra time cleaning your tires.

Get your classic car detailed.
Getting your car detailed can mean much more than just having it washed. Farm Boy Garage can help make sure your classic car is detailed right.

Try to park it in the shade if at all possible.
Parking your classic car under the shade if possible, can give you a number of advantages at a car show:

  • You won't have to sit in the sun all day and you can feel more comfortable.
  • Fellow car enthusiasts may be more motivated to come and admire your car if it's under the shade as opposed to a really sunny spot.
  • You will also have the advantage of keeping your car cool.

Farm Boy Garage Hopes You Have Fun At Your Next Car Show!

All of us here at Farm Boy Garage hope that this blog found you well and safe. We get that this is a hard time for everyone and we hope reading this blog at least took your mind of the craziness for awhile. We are YOUR one stop shop for classic car restoration. We have a large enclosed trailer to haul your precious dream machine from your home (anywhere on this planet) to ours and from our home back to yours safely. We are also conveniently located near the airport and we will assist in all accommodations even providing you with a place to stay while you are here.

All custom muscle car restoration services are done in one place by experts you can trust.

Farm Boy Garage Services Include

  • Custom upholstery
  • Tear down
  • Sandblasting
  • Full custom interior
  • Off frame
  • Motor build
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical

To learn more, please give us a call today. You can also follow us on our social media channels listed below to stay up to date on our latest announcements.

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