What To Look for in a Classic Car

Your dream classic car...this is your special project, your time away from work, your masterpiece! Have you been searching for years for that perfect classic car? Even if you haven't been searching for years, if you are in the market for a classic car, this is the blog for you! Keep reading this week's blog to learn what to look for in a classic car and for a few tips regarding the buying process. Farm Boy Garage is here for you! A classic car can be a REAL investment, so you should go into knowing what the best attributes are to look for when searching. For help with this important process, call our classic car restoration shop today at 515-528-8904.

 What To Look for in a Classic Car

Avoid too much rust damage.
While some rust damage isn't a big deal and can be fixed, use your best judgment when deciding how much you want to invest in a vehicle that is COVERED in rust. We're an experienced car restoration shop and we can tell you that rust can be fixed to an extent typically, however, the best thing to do int his situation is if you see a classic car you are very interested in but it has rust on it, call your reliable classic car restoration shop and send photos, ask what a round about quote would be to fix something like this up.

Get an auto insurance quote before purchasing.
Whether you plan to really drive the classic car or just show it off in car shows, you will still need an insurance policy taken out on it. You may be surprised to find that insurance can be really affordable for classic cars but you should still call your insurance company BEFORE purchasing the classic car just so you have an idea of what you'll be spending and you're not caught off guard.

Make sure you get the vehicle inspected.
You may not be planning on driving this classic car but you should still get it inspected by a mechanic who knows what they're doing. Again, this is an investment so get your money's worth.

Be aware of the mileage.
Take a look at how many miles are on the car. It's a classic car, so it's likely a used car and high mileage isn't necessarily bad, but you should make sure that you're not overpaying and that if there is a high amount of miles that you're not overpaying.

Take Care of Your Classic Car Masterpiece!

Farm Boy Garage understands it is not always easy taking time away from home and family. Our solution to this problem is to assist our clients in making sure the restoration process is stress free, fun, and cost effective. First, we have a large enclosed trailer to haul your precious dream machine from your home (anywhere on this planet) to ours and from our home back to yours safely. We are also conveniently located near the airport in Des Moines and we will assist in all accommodations even providing you with a place to stay while you are here. Give us a call today for your quote, we can be reached at 515-528-8904.

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