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When restoring a classic car, not only do you want the exterior of the car to look amazing, the interior is just as important. When dealing with restorations most of the interiors need to be completely replaced. Imagine a beautiful exterior with the original interior. It takes from the beauty of the classic. Imagine your classic muscle car with a luxurious one-of-a-kind leather interior that matches the exterior in class and style. Whatever you dream, when it comes to custom interior restoration, Farm Boy Garage can deliver it - adding luxury, comfort, and style to your vehicle at an affordable price.

Car collectors will often find the car they have been looking for and want a complete restoration, they will find a shop that will do the exterior, but they don’t work on interiors. Now the collector must find another company to complete the interior of the car. When you hire two different companies to complete the restoration you will often end up paying more for the complete restoration and it will most likely take longer to complete. For instance, if the shop working on the exterior is painting the car and the upholstery company is ready to install the new carpet, they will have to wait until the exterior is completed. Another problem that can arise is properly installing carpeting over bulging wire harnesses, accounting for paint that doesn't meet with panel overlays and inconsistent door gaps are to be expected and can add to the labor cost of an interior project. Having a company that can handle the complete restoration including exterior and interior can save time and money. 

The staff at Farm Boy Garage specializes in custom car interiors. We can complete custom upholstery needs for all of our restoration projects. Our staff takes pride in every project that they work on. If you want your interior to stand out with custom touches, we can make that happen. We used several different techniques to make your classic car stand out from others. A few of those techniques are multiple leather colors, colored piping, stitching that is colored, fiberglass, carbon fiber, custom made trim pieces, and fine woods. We can build custom leather and upholstery bucket seats, custom leather and upholstery bench seats, custom leather and upholstery headliners, custom leather and upholstery doors panels, and many other custom options. Headliner inserts can also be added to truly make your car stand out. 

If you are looking to restore the car of your dreams look no further for a restoration company. We take pride in every project that we do, we will guarantee your satisfaction. Trust the experts at Farm Boy Garage to fully restore your muscle car or classic truck to its original beauty. All our restorations are done onsite in Des Moines, IA. We even have space for you to stay to check out our garage. Feel free to check out our projects on our website. If you have any questions about our services call the shop or stop by and talk to our staff. 

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