Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About the Best Event Space In Iowa

While our passion is restoring muscle cars and classic trucks at our restoration garage, we also have the perfect place to host events. Looking for the perfect event space sometimes takes a lot of time and effort. Look no further we have the perfect venue to host your next get together. Check out all the amazing features that Farm Boy Garage’s event space has to offer.

Best Party Space in Iowa
With 6 acres of land to explore and 8000 square feet of space to plan your next social gathering, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are planning a holiday party, employee appreciation event, wedding, birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, or any other type of event Farm Boy Garage has the perfect set up for a great day or evening. The staff at Farm Boy Garage will help coordinate and plan the entire event. If you are a muscle car lover we can even discuss the use of one of our amazing cars. Imagine your bachelor party with a muscle car as the main photo prop. Your Facebook feed will be full of notifications with those pictures.
Our event space boasts an amazing setup! Our event facilities offer enough space to accommodate large groups and enough room for live music to be set up if you are looking to rock the evening away with great tunes. We provide accommodations that include a bedroom, bathrooms, laundry facilities, a 3000 square foot outdoor patio, and a 2100 square foot bar and lounge area. If you have guests that will be traveling to the event, we are conveniently located near the airport, which makes our shop the perfect event space for people who will be traveling from different locations.

Choose the Best Event Space in Iowa
We obviously love remodeling and restoring classic trucks and muscle cars. The joy of taking someone's dream and making it a reality goes far beyond the services we offer. We take great pride in our ability to produce top quality work every day in our shop. We also love to show off this amazing facility and offer others to be able to enjoy all the hard work and dedication that we have put into creating this spectacular space. If you are planning a gathering or thinking about it, be sure to think of Farm Boy Garage. Call the office and we will be happy to show the space and sit down and discuss a plan on making your event happen. The options are endless!


When you pick Farm Boy Garage to restore your muscle car or classic truck you become part of our family. This farm boy was taught at a young age to work hard, be honest, and self-reliant. Your word is a bond! All of the restorations that we provide is done on-site. To stay up to date on all the Farm Boy projects and events, subscribe to our blog, follow our social media, and check our website. Feel confident in picking Farm Boy Garage for your next restoration project by getting to know our crew.

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