Choosing the Make and Model for Your Next Project Car

If you've been considering buying a project car, a quick and hasty purchase without proper research is not advisable. Choosing the right make and model is an important part of the selection process, and could ultimately determine the successful completion of your project. To help you make the right choice for your next project car, Farm Boy Garage suggests asking yourself these questions first.

What Do You Really Want?
We all have that dream car that we fantasize being behind the wheel of one day. What's yours? Why did you choose that particular vehicle? Is what you want realistically attainable? Some dream cars are practical, some are not. Dreams don’t have to be practical, but in the real world, there are sometimes certain limitations that force us to ratchet down our expectations. These restrictions usually manifest themselves in the form of monetary restraints or extreme lack of availability of the item desired. By answering this fundamental question honestly, this can give you a great starting point. The car you end up with may not be the same as your answer, but that's okay. It essentially gives you an idea of what you want to work toward.

What Do You Plan To Do With The Car?
Are your plans for this car to be a trailer-queen showpiece or something to drive on a Sunday afternoon? Maybe you dream of racing at the strip or joining a cross-country classic car rally. Whatever your answer is to this question won't necessarily dictate what kind of car to buy, but rather what shape the car should be in. For a show car it’s nice to have it as original and complete as possible. For racing, you'll likely be doing tons of modifications. For a driver, you'll want to focus on making it road ready and safe. This will play a huge role in the budgeting factor.

How Much Work Do You Want To Put Into It?
Do you want to start with a finished turn-key car, a diamond in the rough, or a major project? It's all about time and dollars here. If you're just wanting something you can jump in and enjoy with no hassle or work, you probably want to get something that's finished or requires little work. If you're okay with putting in the time and money to restore it to the exact perfection you dreamed of, then you're talking lots of time spent in the garage to get it there. Are you equipped or qualified to do such a large project on your own? If not, we know a few guys who can do a full restoration from start to finish for you!

What's Your Maximum Budget?
As with having any 'project' or 'hobby', a project car can cost a pretty penny. When you choose to have a project car, you can almost bet that it's going to be one of the most expensive hobbies you've probably ever had. So go into the idea knowing you'll be dropping some coin. But what's your maximum dollar? What can you comfortably afford to put into this project without going bankrupt? If you're not careful, these projects can really take a toll on your finances. So having a budget in place is a must. Set a budget and stick to it.

Is There Room For Compromise?
You remember the first question we asked, "What do you really want?" Well, here's the real question... are you willing to compromise? That dream car may not be as attainable due to many reasons: cost, availability, etc. But, maybe there's something that's comparable in style, but more affordable. Maybe parts are easier to come by and a lot less expensive. When you're making your final decision on a make and model, you really need to look at these factors. As an example, you may really have your eye on a 50s model Studebaker Lark, but parts are hard to come by and costly. A comparable car may be a 60s Plymouth Valiant. Being a Chrysler manufactured vehicle, you may be able to more easily find replacement parts for a more affordable cost. Bottom line: shop with an open mind!

So, before you make your decision on the make and model of your next project car, we hope you'll take time to consider these questions. If you need help finding the project car you settle on, we can help you locate it and fully restore it back to its original/modified glory!

Farm Boy Garage was created for the person who may not have the time or knowledge to create their very own dream muscle car. Bryan lives for the thrill of locating the vehicle you desire and bringing it to life. Each car is designed specifically for that vehicle’s owner with everything being done in one place, by people you can trust. We specialize in complete muscle car builds, inside and out, to order!

Are you ready to create the muscle car or classic truck of your dreams? Let us be your one-stop-shop! Visit our website to check out some of the recent projects we've completed and to learn about the different vehicle restoration services we offer.

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