5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Vehicle Restoration Specialist

If you've got a classic truck or muscle car sitting in your garage that's collecting dust, it's time to get it restored. But before you just go on Google and select the first restoration company you find, we strongly urge you to do your research! Auto body restoration for classic cars is a very specialized job, and not just anyone can complete such a large task. Here are a few things you need to know before making a final decision on your vehicle restoration specialist.

Choosing the Right Shop
No pressure, but the shop you choose will have a major impact on the outcome of your restoration. Finding just the right shop can be a daunting process. You certainly need to invest the time in finding the right one. A good way to narrow it all down is by investigation shop reputations. If a shop has a ton of great referrals, then it is usually safe to say they are capable.

Determining the Condition
There is really no way of knowing what kind of condition a vehicle is truly in or what issues may lurk until you begin to dismantle it. Factors like climate, storage conditions and how the vehicle was treated mostly determine the condition of the vehicle. There are just too many internal parts to know the true condition of a car just by visually inspecting it.

Collision Repair vs. Restoration
Most collision centers make their money by repairing fender bender damage quickly and getting the car back to their customer in a timely fashion. They often work on newer model vehicles that have OEM parts readily available. With a good restoration shop, they take their time to make sure everything is cleaned, repaired or restored with precision. We may also have to do some pretty in depth hunting to find the parts needed to complete a restoration. After all, you can't properly restore a classic without the proper original or modified parts! It is all about quality and not quantity with professional restoration experts.

Restoration Takes Time
Completing a full restoration job isn't like taking your car in to get the fender repaired. Each restoration is different, but be prepared to be in this for the long haul. To properly do a restoration takes time and it cannot be rushed. There may also be unexpected down time if we need to wait for replacement parts. Farm Boy Garage is unique in the fact that we constantly post the build in progress on Facebook and the customer is welcome to stop in anytime to watch the progress of their muscle car.

We'll Provide a Quote
At Farm Boy Garage, we do provide a quote before we even start the car. That quote will not change unless the customer asks for additional upgrades that were not included at the time that we sit down to go over what the customer wants and both parties have agreed on a price. Our guarantee is that we won't blindside a client with a price difference in the end cost compared to what we quoted, and any additional work the client asks for after build has started could be the only change, and if the change is substantial, Farm Boy Garage and the client will sit down to discuss before work is done or the customer is charged.

When it comes to restoring your pride and joy, don't just settle for a 'good enough' DIY job. Trust the experts at Farm Boy Garage to fully restore your gorgeous muscle car back to its original/super modified glory. We run a one-stop-shop here at Farm Boy Garage, and all restoration services are done on site, meaning your car doesn't leave our garage until it's completed to your satisfaction! So, what are you waiting for? Let's get your muscle car in pristine condition!

Are you ready to create the muscle car or classic truck of your dreams? Let us be your one-stop-shop! Visit our website to check out some of the recent projects we've completed and to learn about the vehicle restoration services we offer.

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