Richard Rawlings & Gas Monkey Garage: The Man and His Legacy

We have a serious love for speed and muscle at Farm Boy Garage. Of course we love seeing sweet hot rod restorations take place in our garage, but we also like to see how the veterans of hot rod restorations handle their business. So, naturally we love the show 'Fast N Loud'! Gas Monkey Garage owner, Richard Rawlings, built his shop from the ground up all because of a deep seeded love for hot rods that stemmed from childhood. To date, Gas Monkey Garage has become one of the most well-known hot rod shops in the world. It'd be stupid to not want to follow in his footsteps.

The Man
Richard Rawlings, an entrepreneur and media personality, is the star of the reality television show Fast N' Loud on Discovery Channel. He is also a proprietor of the Gas Monkey Garage, as well as both the Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill and Gas Monkey Live music venues in Dallas, Texas.

As a child, Richard followed in his father's footsteps and developed a love for hot rods. He went to auto shows and restored cars with his dad, having purchased his very own first car at the ripe young age of 14. Over the years, Richard financed his car habit by holding multiple jobs, including being a firefighter, police officer and paramedic all before he was 21 years old. Ever the entrepreneur, he eventually started his own printing and advertising company. He later sold it so he could fund Gas Monkey Garage.

Building a Legacy
Richard's goal when starting up Gas Monkey Garage in 2004 was to run the most badass hot rod shop around. Eight years later, Richard got his wish as Gas Monkey Garage got picked up by the Discovery channel for the reality tv show, 'Fast N Loud'. In September 2013, Rawlings started Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill in Northwest Dallas and a second location in March 2014 at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. In October 2014, Gas Monkey Live, a venue dedicated predominantly to live music, was opened. In May 2015, Rawlings published his first autobiography entitled 'Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat and Beers'.

While Richard's approach of doing things the right way from start to finish is what pushed Gas Monkey Garage to be as successful as it is, he wasn't the sole talent behind that success. Richard had the help of a rockstar team of talented mechanics: Jason Aker, Jeremy Cheatham, Mike Coy, Charles Cimino and Tony Cano. Armed with their mastery of mechanics, electrics, fabrication, paint and all things cars, this team helped Richard truly make Gas Monkey Garage into the legacy it is today.

Turning Rust into Gold
Richard and his crew travel all over the country looking high and low for that perfect restoration opportunity. The crew keeps very busy working on projects all the time, and they usually always have at least one big build project at their garage. Richard's selection process of the projects he'll take on is tedious, but choosing the right car is all part of the fun. After all, you don't become successful by dumping all of your time and money into projects that aren't going to pay for itself. Time is money at Gas Monkey Garage, so the quicker they finish their cars, the quicker they can get to auction.

While we're not being scoped out to be the next big hot rod shop show celebs, we do strive to be the best at what we do. As an entrepreneur, Bryan knows that means taking notes from the best of the best and putting what he learns to the test. We have great respect for Richard Rawlings and what he's done with Gas Monkey Garage over the years. His legacy is definitely worth admiring.

Farm Boy Garage was created for the person who may not have the time or knowledge to create their very own dream muscle car. Much like Richard, Bryan developed a love for all things muscle car, hot rods, and vintage trucks at a very young age and lives for the thrill of locating and restoring the vehicle you desire and bringing it to life. Each car is designed specifically for that vehicle’s owner with everything being done in one place, by people you can trust. We specialize in complete muscle car builds, inside and out, to order!

Are you ready to create the muscle car or classic truck of your dreams? Let us be your one-stop-shop! Visit our website to check out some of the recent projects we've completed and to learn about the different vehicle restoration services we offer.

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