The Journey of a Man and his '67 Chevelle

When we restore a vehicle for a client, we're restoring more than just the vehicle. We're restoring the glory and all the fond memories that come along with that car. And you better believe that every car has its own story to be told. One of our recent restoration jobs isn't any different. We've been working on the restoration of a beautiful 1967 Chevelle that has a lot of history and an owner who is proud to share! Check out Doyle's story:

A Treasure Found
Doyle Zorn bought his '67 Chevelle shortly after returning home from Vietnam. He'd heard an ad on the radio from a local car dealer that “all cars must go,” so naturally, he went to see what they had. When Doyle saw this beautiful Chevelle, he offered the salesman $1995.00 cash. The salesman laughed and said 'ok, but it had to be cash only.' However, when Doyle pulled out $2000.00 and asked for his change, the salesman said he was only joking, that the car was worth more and walked away. Luckily, a nice couple overheard the conversation and went to the owner of the car dealership about what had transpired. Long story short… Doyle drove off the lot with that gorgeous '67 Chevelle for $1995.00 cash.

For more than 20 years, Doyle had stored the car before deciding to have it restored. He remembered all the fond memories and great times in it and wanted to pass this treasure along to his son and grandchildren. After all, a treasure like this shouldn't be kept in storage!

Restoring a Dream
And so the adventure began. This car was going to need some work to bring it back to it's former glory. All new from ground up. The best that money can buy. As you can imagine though, it took awhile for Doyle to find a person to restore it that he could trust to do it right. That was the biggest challenge in pushing forward with this vision. It didn't take long though for Doyle to find trust and faith in Farm Boy Garage. He loves how honest Bryan is and how he keeps his word, and now highly recommends Farm Boy Garage because of our honesty and the great work we do. Now, as we finish up the full restoration of this drop dead gorgeous Chevelle, Doyle is making plans to put his beautiful ride in car shows to it show off! 

Thank You Doyle!
"Bryan and the staff at Farm Boy Garage will honor their word, do great work, bend over backwards to ensure they exceed expectations." - Doyle Zorn

Doyle, we thank you for placing your trust in our experience and knowledge. And thank you for allowing us to fully restore your pride and joy, and for sharing your story with us! It's been a pleasure and an honor working with you through the restoration process, and we've very much enjoyed building a lasting friendship with you along the way!

Let's Find and Restore Your Dream Car!
If you've got a car in mind that you've dreamed of owning, but don't know where to even begin looking for it, we can help you! We can also fully restore it to its original/super modified glory. We run a one-stop-shop here at Farm Boy Garage, and all restoration services are done on site, meaning your car doesn't leave our garage until it's completed to your satisfaction! So, what are you waiting for? Let's find that classic car you've been dreaming of!

Are you ready to create the muscle car or classic truck of your dreams? Let us be your one-stop-shop! Visit our website to check out some of the recent projects we've completed and to learn about the vehicle restoration services we offer.

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